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Conclave Focus: Radhika Apte

With a string of big and small screen successes to her name, Radhika Apte has made all the right noise in the entertainment industry. The Manipal Conclave 2018 brings her to Manipal as part of one of the best lineups we have ever seen. Let’s look at today’s speaker in focus!


Top 10 80’s Flicks

The Breakfast Club – You can’t think about movies of the 1980’s without thinking of The Breakfast club.  This film touched the hearts of teens (and adults) everywhere.  It was a defining moment for the brat pack as well.  Starring


DaanUtsav – Celebrating the Joy of Giving

DaanUtsav, the nationwide festival of giving is celebrating it’s 10th year in 2018 with the festival having come a long way in the decade touching millions of lives and changing them for the better. It has also played a huge part in bringing people from different walks of life together. One such story is Shreyanshi’s.


10 Travel Tips for the Gimpy by a Gimpy

Broken legs, joint replacements, strokes, muscular diseases, heart problem, bad knees are but a few of the reasons for the gimpy travelers. Traveling is fun, tiring and educational for everyone. Those who have physical limitations, either permanent or temporary can