VPN: Is it really necessary and why?

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Nowadays there is a plethora of websites and options offered about anything a user might require while surfing on the net and since there are lots of users that prefer browsing on public WiFi networks, it is often necessary to use a VPN. VPN is short for Virtual Private Network.

When accessing somewhat of a “delicate” website, such as those with adult content, containing political views or offering sports betting, it might be a good idea for a user to be able to avoid tracking. Although it is not always possible to access every website via VPN, there are quite a few newspaper sites, sports betting networks and casinos that allow VPN.

What the VPN does is create a secure, encrypted connection between an internet user and the internet. This practically means that the user is provided with an extra layer of privacy that might reach the limit of anonymity. Hence, the user is able to hide his/her internet activity and location to avoid being tracked and freely browse the internet safely and anonymously without constraints. On top of that, by anonymizing the user’s traffic and location, the VPN protects online privacy and makes life harder for hackers.

It goes without saying that the VPN does not make you invisible online nor does it make you anonymous. It does, however, improve your privacy, it prevents ISP tracking, it allows you to stream with no geo-restriction, it helps you avoid censorship while preventing data or speed throttling.

It can even protect you against advertising and malware, as certain VPN services include dedicated antivirus tools. Still, quite a few websites maintain and constantly update lists of known IP’s that VPN providers use, so that they can block them. Some companies and governments have become increasingly aggressive in detecting and blocking VPN traffic, so it is essential to choose VPN friendly casinos or betting sites if you want to enjoy the experience without being tracked.

Nevertheless, there are also some negatives in using a VPN. First of all, the connection speed will surely be reduced, the percentage of speed reduction having to do with the specific VPN of choice. Using a VPN will also increase the data consumption. Some less-reputable VPN providers might see your browsing activity and even share it with third parties, so it is crucial that you choose wisely which VPN service you will use. Last but not least, using a VPN is not for free. Hence, the better the VPN, the more money you will need to spend in order to use its services.

The fact remains that VPN has proven to be a useful and popular tool in the hands of everyday internet users. The VPN industry is a fast growing one, driven by the growing concerns over the security of the data being transferred over a public internet connection. According to precedenceresearch.com the global virtual private network market size was accounted at USD 48.94 billion in 2022 and it is expected to touch around USD 358.64 billion by 2032, a growth of over 700% in 10 years.

Ever since the pandemic a huge demand was triggered from the end-users using VPN services. The significant upsurge in the number of cyberattacks and the rise in demand for cloud-based security solutions is also expected to drive the demand for virtual private networks in the near future. Industry experts expect this rise in demand to lead to challenges that need to be addressed by both VPN providers and enterprises.

Although we have come a long way, it is certain that there are still too many things to be addressed when it comes to the using a VPN.

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