Financial Planning for a Pet Cat in Manipal

Pet Cat in Manipal
A Cat! Source- BC SPCA

Taking good care of your Pet Cat in Manipal is extremely important for it to lead a long, healthy, and stress-free life. You need more than blind fervor and affection to accomplish this. Yes, you need a plan. However, all the ability and dedication in the world won’t mean a thing if you simply can’t afford to execute it. So, at the very least, drawing up a rough estimate for the cat-pital needed can help you care for your kitty much better.

Adding up all the possible variables, not attributing certain specificities you might or might not need to add depending on your cat. The total funding required averages out to about 8,581 Rupees.
Here’s a summarized account of how this number was reached,

  • grooming 300 to 600
  • 2 meals a day 1-1.5k monthly(1.5 kg dry cat food)
  • 3-6000 for a scratch post
  • 1000 for toys
  • 200 a week for fish and such
  • 500 or so for grooming supplies in case your cat is fluffy
  • 198 for cat toothpaste
  • catnip 194 rupees.

Grooming Your Pet Cat in Manipal

le kate

While not as essential for cats as for dogs, you should still take your cat to the groomer occasionally (about every 6-8 weeks). It’s not the most expensive thing in the world if you’re not going for styling and just need to get your pet tidied up, but depending on the business, the cost may vary but should still be in that general range.

Additionally, if your cat is especially furry, having grooming supplies at home is necessary, as it will need some help untangling the knots in its hair.

That’s not the only form of independent caretaking you will have to provide your cat; brushing their teeth is just as essential as their hair, as cats are known to develop plaque in their mouths after long periods of the microbiome in their mouths becoming progressively more contaminated with food and whatever else they might ingest.

Food For Your Pet Cat in Manipal

Source- Petfather

Cats are tiny; this is an evident fact, so they don’t need much energy to sustain themselves. Caloric intake for maintenance is dictated per pound of body weight coupled with the metabolic processes an organism goes through, and for cats, that usually totals out to about 250-300 calories per day, which you provide them via two separate meals 12 hours apart. Wet cat food tends to be more expensive, but it is recommended as cats don’t consume much water.

To keep your cat’s diet and metabolism healthy, mix processed food with organic whole foods like fish, chicken, turkey, etc. About half a kilo is more than enough and relatively inexpensive to boot.

Scratch post and Litter Box For Your Pet Cat in Manipal

Source- Architectural Digest

These are the most sizable one-time achievements on the list. When getting a cat, you’ll have to remodel your home’s architecture slightly. These two things are practically essential as these are NEEDS for cats to function healthily. A scratch post allows them to trim their claws naturally and painlessly, and a little box will enable them to defecate hygienically, which is suitable for their health and the cleaning effort you need to put in for your house. A scratch post is relatively expensive; getting a decent-sized one is recommended so the cat has room to play around.

Toys and Catnip For Your Pet Cat in Manipal

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B0B299K7KD&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=IN&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=vishalbhat 21&language=en INir?t=vishalbhat 21&language=en IN&l=li3&o=31&a=B0B299K7KDCats have social needs, too; you can’t leave them lying around and pet them occasionally to seal the deal. You need to actively engage with them by participating in play. To this end, buying chew toys, laser pointers, etc., is extremely important to fulfill your furry little friend’s social and emotional needs.

Some cats need motivation to engage in play as they might be more habituated homebodies, so using catnip to spur them into action works wonders for these couch potatoes.

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