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Property valuation

Wow! I Heard you’re buying a new property. And I also heard that you’re doing all the works. Mmmm, but are you sure about doing it all by yourself? Let me tell you a story: I have this friend who bought a building, but because he wanted to cut some costs, he did everything – like papers, permits, fees, and just about everything. The thing is, despite his time and efforts, it all went down the drain since there was a miscalculation, and it turned out he underinsured the property, so now, he is at a loss.

Are you willing to go down the same path as my friend? Every investment is important, and cutting costs in the wrong way can impact it. So why don’t you take that first step to securing your property and hire a pro? After all, they’re not called pros for nothing!

Hiring the Pros: 9 Tips for You

TIP #1:  Get started with a research

Investigate a property valuation expert’s credentials, track record, and experience in-depth before engaging them. This involves looking up professional credentials, understanding their area of expertise, and verifying their experience level in the property market.

Equally important is seeking out reviews and references from former clients. These firsthand accounts can provide invaluable insights into the expert’s reliability, accuracy in valuation, and professionalism, helping you to gauge their credibility and ensure they’re the right fit for your valuation needs.

TIP #2: Check their credentials

One thing, well, let’s make that 2. The two things that make these people professionals are their license and years of training. In most cases, they have certificates or documents for those, so, don’t be shy to asked them for these proofs. They should also be up-to-date with industry standards and regulations.

A current licence from the relevant state council, membership in professional associations such as the Certified Practicing Valuer (CPV) certification, and accreditation from respectable organisations such as the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) are key credentials to look for.

TIP #3: Consider their experience

Think of experience as a finely aged wine – it tastes exquisite because of years of fermentation. Just like that, an experienced property evaluator has been moulded to give you the service you need. They are aware of industry trends and what works or not for your property. At most, they can use their crystal ball to predict any possible threats to your investment.

As this might significantly affect their comprehension of local elements that could affect property values, be careful to enquire about their level of expertise in the market.

TIP #4: Understand the works

You can classify properties into residential and commercial – the first one is a place to live in, and the second is usually for businesses. In most instances, a property valuer specialises in a certain type, although there are experts who take both cases. What you can do is to also understand at least what property you are investing in and the basic needs for a proper valuation process.

Selecting a valuer with expertise in commercial property appraisal is crucial, particularly if you’re purchasing a 15-story building in the city centre with plans to convert it into a hotel. But if you’re unsure, you can consult a valuation company so they point you in the right direction.

TIP #5: Clarify their valuation methods

There are various methods used for property valuation, and it’s essential to understand which method the property valuation expert will use. This can help you determine how accurate and appropriate their valuation will be for your needs.

Some common methods include the sales comparison approach, cost approach, and income capitalisation approach. Make sure to ask about their process and how they arrive at their valuations.

TIP #6: Inquire about their service fees

The service fee usually varies from one valuer to another. This usually depends on their specialisation, years of experience, certifications and associations, and the structure fee of their company. As a pro tip, ask away! Do not get surprised when the billing gets to you.

It’s also worth comparing the fees of different experts to ensure you’re getting a fair price for their services.

TIP #7: Communication is key

Always communicate! Do just stay silent and face problems later on. It helps to ask and answer. Inform the valuer of everything you do not understand or are unsure of. An effective valuer can make you understand even the most difficult aspect of valuing a property. However, you must need to enquire and explain, as they might not always assume that you require assistance.

If an expert seems unresponsive or unable to communicate effectively, it may be best to consider other options.

TIP #8: Consider their availability

Get your timeline for valuing your property straightened out and make sure it works well with your schedule as well as your valuers. Be conscious about time as this is very vital in every transaction. Don’t squander one another’s time.

Make careful to find out about their availability and any possible conflicts with their schedule. This will assist you in avoiding any valuation procedure hiccups or delays.

TIP #9: Ask for a sample report

A sample report of their prior work should be available from a trustworthy property valuation specialist. This can help you assess whether their reports live up to your expectations by indicating the structure and degree of content they offer.

Reviewing this sample report and asking any questions or clarifications before proceeding with their services is important. This will ensure that the value report you receive for your property is complete and correct.


That’s it, my friend! I hope you’ve learned something from me today about valuing your property and trusting the pros. Keep in mind that investing in professionalism is not a waste of money. It can actually save you tons when things go haywire.

You may consult Australian Valuations for other essential tips, and you’ll be glad you did! They’ve valued property for years, so you can trust they’ll do it right.

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