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We started as a college and education blog and now cover many more streams catering to college experiences, lifestyle, travel, technology, and fashion for young adults.

Key Areas of Interest for Blog Posts – healthy lifestyle issues, healthy living, health and wellness, fitness, books, travel and culture, work, career, business, and more…

We offer a variety of digital marketing opportunities.

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Digital Marketing Opportunities:

We are committed to providing helpful, practical, well-written, actionable posts for our readers, so sponsored posts and links must serve their needs. We have enjoyed working with many clients on sponsored posts, links, banner ads, and product giveaways.

  •  All content is subject to editorial review, approval, and edits, if necessary.
  •   All posts are designed for maximum readability and enjoyment by our readers.
  •  Content must be in the form of a feature article that is high-quality and well-written with subheads.

Legal Photo Usage:

*Photos: If you supply photos, they must be your own, or purchased by you, or obtained from a legal-to-use, royalty-free, stock photo site. You must provide the source of the photos when submitting a post with photos.

We have a limited number of sponsored posts and advertising slots available on the site. Rates for both are very competitive, and advertising on our site means your brand or event is visible to a targeted group of college students and adults beginning their careers.

There are a limited number of sponsored posts and banner ad slots available on a weekly/monthly basis.

There are two types of advertising available:

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are a popular way of spreading your message on the web and enable you to provide a wealth of information about your label, product, or service to a niche audience.

We can either create the content for you, or you can do this yourself.

Banner Ads

Banner ads can be placed in fixed slots throughout the site’s main pages, sidebar, or posts. Banners of various sizes are available, including skyscraper and Leaderboard slots.

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First and foremost, we at will represent your company both online and offline with integrity, professionalism, and enthusiasm.

  • Target your marketing efforts to college students and the Facebook culture 
  • 18-25-year-old Students are a growing demographic with demonstrated purchasing power who usually follow market trends 
  • Our audience, on the whole, are more educated and has more spending power than other demographics 
  • Capture in one place a normally scattered market

For sponsorship packages, please mail to [email protected], with Sponsorship opportunities as the subject line.