You don’t need to be a mediocre!


Imagine you are sitting in a room on hot summer noon with your fans switched off. What do you do? The only possible answer to this will be getting up and switching on the AC or fan, and you will be good and comfortable.

Now imagine another scenario. It’s just the onset of summer, and you are sitting in a similar room without a fan. It’s making you a bit uneasy, but you are too lazy to get up and switch it on. You are okay with compromising on this. You are okay with feeling uneasy for some time, and you will get used to it.

This is the problem most of us face in our daily life. We “get used” to things. We manage with uneasiness and tend to compromise on stuff that can get better. And just like in the above example, this usually leads to more discomfort than one sharp pain.

Humans have a natural tendency to think they are the best and generally can’t see the fault in them unless they are guided. What do you think you are? Are you an awful person? Are you a mediocre person? or are you a great person? Let’s find that out with a simple example.

What is your answer when someone asks you, “How are you?”

Think about it and then proceed to read it further.

An awful person would have answers like:

It could have been better if…..

If I could get just one more hour….

Only If I was not born here….

I wish I was born rich……

A Mediocre person would have answers like:

I am not that bad, but…

It’s fine….

It could have been worse…

same old same old…

And a great person would have answers like:

It’s pretty awesome…

It’s amazing how…

I am feeling great. What about you?

Can you sense a pattern here? I surely think. If you think you fall into the mediocre or awful category, we can offer help.

How to overcome mediocrity?

So you are feeling okay, being carried along with the tide with nothing to steer your sails. Your life isn’t really awful, but it is not great either. You feel okay with most things, and nothing seems to give you the pleasure or motivation to go ahead with your dreams.

It’s a stuck-up situation where you don’t really know what you feel about things you do. Mediocrity is a horrible, insidious trap because it doesn’t quite give you the discomfort to get you moving and changing.

Here are some quick tips that might help you overcome mediocrity.

Question yourself: 

Ask yourself the most basic questions. What change would you like to see in yourself or the world? What would your “great” life look like? If you feel the need for change, start working for it now. There is no day like tomorrow. The definition of “great” might be different for everyone. Follow your own definition.

Plan your time well: 

brown analog clockDo you spend most of the hours of your day doing nothing? Do you often get enough time to think for eternity? If your answer is a YES, it’s high time you change your habits. A happy mind is one that gets engaged almost all the time. With all the things you will do around the day, you will eventually feel happy for yourself.

Get Excited:

 It might sound a bit childish to you, but this is an important key to achieving happiness. Have you ever seen a kid stay sad for long? He doesn’t. Be like him. Get excited over the smallest of things, and you will know happiness. Once you are happy, you will eventually end up doing greater things.

Change the definition of Perfect: 

brown wooden cross on white surfaceAlways remember that the definition of perfect is highly subjective. It varies with each other person. How is it possible that you can fit in every definition of theirs? You can’t. Make your own definition of perfection and follow your path.

You must believe:

This simple statement could really do wonders for you. Always know that you have the power inside you. You can do anything you want; you can be anything you want. You just need to start believing first. Believe in yourself, and the tasks you do will end up looking great.

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