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Festivals of Mangalore: ISKCON Rathotsava

International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) organises Sri Jagannath Rathotsava in Mangalore once in a year. Every year, the splendidly decorated chariots of Lord Jagannath roll down the avenues of dozens of Cities across the world including Los Angeles, New […]

aati kalenje
The Mangalore Diaries

Festivals of Mangalore: Aati Kalanja

Aati festival in Mangalore is one of the regional festivals of the territory. The Aati festival of Mangalore is celebrated by the Nalke community of Mangalore as a reverence to Kalanja, a minor spirit. Aati Kalanja Festival is folk dance […]

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MIT student thrown out of MFC

A second year Manipal Institute of Technology student, Swaropaan Deetee was thrown out of Manipal Frizzled Chicken (MFC) on Saturday night after ordering his 20th meal of the evening. Deetee had ordered 10 Chipotle Chicken [...]

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Falling in love with you..

It’s raining. The best part of the year for those who have ever fancied of having a stroll with their lover.  This is the time when some hidden memories, some grounded feelings start budding within you. Isn’t it? It’s been […]



A few self glorifying snaps. I wonder how there are so many photogenic people out there and why i am not one of them. This Sunday i decided to do away with my mustache for a change. The result is […]