Top 3 crazy Manipal stories

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Okay, so Manipal has been here for over half a century, catering to thousands of students every year. so crazy Manipal stories are something that you can be sure of hearing. Maybe someone from your batch or year will contribute towards a legendary Manipal story that will be told for years to come. Better, you can get influenced and try to be in one such legendary story! But, for now, let’s stick to my personal favorite collection of crazy Manipal stories. Sadly, I got to experience only one such story (Though I did experience a horror story) during my time in Manipal, largely owing to a large chunk of college time being cut away due to the pandemic. Maybe that is the crazy legacy for my batch, thinking college is closing only for 3 days and getting almost 2 years off from a 3 year degree. But since it was a global phenomenon, it is not worth a mention here. So without further ado, let’s dive in to some of my personal favorite Manipal stories that I’ve collected from Various places


#1 – The Suitcase Incident 

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Though this is something that has been repeated at times in Manipal (And who knows how many times the attempt has been successful), it is always funny to see security guards open a suitcase and a person (who was not supposed to be there, usually of the other gender of the hostel the suitcase is found in) emerging out of it! The last incident took place as recently as this year and it spread across social media like wildfire. Certainly one of the top “Hari patti aankhein laal, Manipal, Manipal moments”.


#2 The Bihar Fight club (By user santipath on Reddit)

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There was a rumor that the Bihari guys in my batch had a secret “fight club” running in some apartment’s basement, similar to the one from the 1999 movie. Every Bihari dude I asked said it wasn’t real. (However, maybe the denial was due to the first rule of fight club? Perhaps this is something we would never really get to confirm for sure.

#3 What happens in MIT hostels, stays in MIT Hostels (By Varun Verma on Quora)

“This story is of two roommates, let’s call them X and Y, studying in MIT Manipal. They were freshers who were living in the 16th Block.X was not feeling well for a couple of days. Also his ass was paining. Hence he decided to seek medical help.After examining his body, the doctor asked him whether he was gay?The boy got furious and started shouting at the doctor. The doctor calmed him down and explained him that all that problem which he was facing is due to ‘wrong technique/ forceful anal sex’.Being a virgin(according to him),how was that even possible. With the suggestion of that doctor, he set up a camera in his room secretly, without anyone knowing about it so that he could record the activities of his room after his sleep.Next morning , after Y left for his class, X woke up and rewind the recording to see what actually happened after he slept. What he saw,completely blew up his mind and left him speechless !! He saw that in the middle of the night while he was sleeping, Y woke up, used chloroform on X so that he continued ‘sleeping’ and then ‘fucked’ his bare ass.

PS: I really can’t comment about the authenticity of this story. This was very famous in my first year(2012) when I was living in 16th block. My brother completed his MBBS from KMC,Manipal and he has also heard this story.” Now the huge myth about Manipal being full of drugs doesn’t feel like the craziest thing about Manipal, right?


Bonus story Manipal and it’s bandit history (By Sidhwin Hegde, MSAP 2018 Batch)

“Well not exactly a crazy story, but here’s a fascinating fact you’ve probably NEVER heard of about Manipal.

Have you even observed a small yellow box like structure just next to the eshwarnagar bus stand near BigBoss ( right opposite Parota Point) ? It has the words “Forest Gate” painted in it.

Although it’s of no use now, this uncanny little place was odd great importance back when the idea of Manipal university had not even been conceived of by its founders.

Manipal, for those who don’t know, was a haven for the most notorious bandits and dacoits owing to its hilly terrain and dense forests. I’m speaking about the age of say 1920s and 1930s. It was said that anytime someone would pass the the valley just before Laxmindranagar , which is the deep cliff where INOX stands today, you would be sure to spot a dead body dumped there and left to rot ( Manipal old timers remember this place as one hell of a jungle),

Such was the notoriety of Manipal that the only thing people of the region could identify with that name was dark forests and deadly dacoits. ( back then there was absolutely no building whatsoever in the ENTIRE Manipal town) , so nobody had any possible reason to visit the place.

This however caused great trouble to people who had to cross Manipal and go to other side of the hill to Udupi or Malpe. There was always a great crowd of fishermen and women who had to carry the fresh fish from the sea to the hinterland and come back again for the catch. Crossing the Manipal jungle alone or in small groups was simply UNTHINKABLE. Thus these individuals gathered at these small rest structures called gates, and waited until a significant number of people gathered, and armed with torches and light weapons, only then cross the Manipal jungle.

Can you believe it? This was actually true. And the most astounding fact is that all this almost impossible to even think about now, given the way Manipal is and has developed. What takes barely 2 minutes to get from DT till the petrol pump at Indrali was a journey people risked their lives to make, some 70 or 80 years back.”


So, you can see that Manipal has it’s own share of stories. Every year thousands of students make personal memories, most of them which never gets shared. For some which do, they either become legendary or is simply forgotten as the student becomes alumni.



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