Motivation and Spirituality

Langar meals: A divine experience

Eating langar at a gurudwara is nothing short of divine experience, and this has nothing to do with the fact that it’s free of charge. It serves the purpose of bringing people closer and expressing oneness among all. Isha Sehmbey

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Motivation and Spirituality

How To Boost Up Your Teams Workplace Morale

An efficient team should be the priority of every company. It is no less important than the profit generated since profit is proportional to the degree of employees’ satisfaction at work. Positive work cultures undoubtedly yield better results and strong

Motivation and Spirituality

The Power of Choice

As we live our lives everyday, we mould our future with the choices we make. At the age of around twenty, most of us know this. But simply knowing this is not enough. You see, half of us know this

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Motivation and Spirituality

Appreciating The Grey

Most of us live our life with a well-defined concept of good and bad. It’s a concept that’s been defined for us since childhood, something that had been inculcated in the very roots of our subconscious minds, primarily through the