Why is Why the Most Important Question?

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Isn’t why is what it all boils down to? Isn’t why is what it must boil down to? 

Why is where it all began. If one curious soul hadn’t gone to seek the whys in the mind, we’d all stay stagnant, unmoved. Because why is what gets us moving. Why not me? Why me? Why this? Why not that?

     The most important question you must ask when you taste failure and “Why?” At the same time, when others win, ask “Why?” For, it is well-believed that if you know your whys, you will find your hows. You find solace in knowing why, why did it happen? Only then do you move to answer, how do I stop it from happening again? 

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You read, you learn, you forget, you unlearn. You know everything there is to know about something, say, a volcano. You know what is it, know where it is. Forget the volcano, think about an investigation, you know what happened, you know where it happened. But why it happened helps you solve the case. Knowing why it happened conquers the whats and the wheres. Maybe why is the most important question because it answers all your other questions; the hows, the whats, the wheres. Everything.

     Why gives you a motive, a reason. You lay under a clear blue sky away from the clouds of doubts, and ambiguity once you learn why. Why gives you an understanding, a purpose. With why you find yourself on the shore of a purpose, a meaning, with the waves of confusion only managing to touch your feet but never being strong enough to consume you whole.

     Because isn’t a day without rains of dubiety, vagueness pouring down on us is what we wish for? Don’t we all seek a roof under which it all starts making sense? You only hear the rain, aware it is there out there; knowing it cannot touch you. That is what why is, it’s your roof. 

You feed your hunger with why. Your hunger could be anything, but most of the time, it is the hunger to seek the truth. They say, truth is bitter, but they also say it is the bitter medicines that work. We know what we wish for, what we seek for is bitter, yet that is what calms us. Knowing the truth, the accurate line of events. Why did it happen? Why did they do it? Why am I doing it? Why now? Your hunger for knowledge, for learning, licks its fingertips, relishing the whys.

Why as a Child

Why was the question you always asked. As a child you reek of curiosity; always searching for the why. You never settled, never stopped looking for the answers. Well, what happened when you grew up? You accepted the answers the world threw at you, never bothering to check if they even answered your questions.

Why as a Teenager

Why was the question you wanted to ask as a teenager. You for the first saw the world through a perspective of your own. Sometimes you want to question, “Why do I feel uncomfortable around her?”, “Why does he look at me like that?” But you don’t. You were too scared to learn the answer to the question to even question in the first place.

Why as an Adult

Why was the question you wished you asked as an adult. You see it is wrong, you see it being done. But you never saw the why. “Why does he come home late?”, “Why do I look more tired than usual?” You never asked these questions, because of the consequences you knew you’d face. You thought asking the why would cost you way too much.

Why as an Old Person

Why is the question you regret not asking the most as you’re old. This is when you realize that fear of knowing the answers, and facing consequences meant nothing when all you want is the truth. The reason. The motive. The purpose. 

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        Why helps you find yourself. Why watches you look at yourself in the mirror, asking the question, “Why am I good enough?”  It observes you battle with the thoughts that tell you everything you are not. It does nothing but observes and waits. It waits for you to ask the better questions, “Why am I even having these thoughts?” “Why am I so focused on everything I am not, neglecting the things I am?”

     Once you catch the train to that Why, it all falls into place. You start thinking of just why are you not enough. But this time, in a different sense.

You ask yourself, “Why do I think I am not good enough?” And maybe, that is when you truly understand that you, in fact, are enough.

Why is the most important question.

Once you start asking the right whys, it’ll all start to make sense. As I said, it is your roof, your home. Why be anywhere but your home?

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