How to Spot the Difference Between a Great Date and a Great Girlfriend

If you’re a guy who’s not looking for anything serious, you might want to spend the next five minutes hitting up the girls at Match Me Happy. If you happen to be someone who does pretty well on the dating scene, but is ready to get into something a little more serious, here are some tips that might come in handy.

There are a ton of articles out in cyberspace that talk about how women can detect a great date from a great boyfriend, but what about you? If you want someone who can hold your attention for more than two hours on the weekend, what red flags should you be on the lookout for?

1. She’s charming but she’s not dependable

She’s got a beautiful smile. You love the sound of her voice. Don’t even get you started on how good she looks. But when it comes to showing up anywhere on time, returning your voice mails or keeping her promises, you can pretty much forget it. To top it off, when you bring it up, she says you’re being too clingy. Charm is fine over drinks. But if you want a girlfriend? She’s got to be dependable.

2. She’s really funny but not very smart

You would think that if a girl can make you laugh, she must have brains. What you’re thinking about is wit. Not all funny girls are smart because sometimes, humor is unintentional. It’s basically the difference between laughing with someone and being laughed at. Funny is fun, but you can’t really build anything solid off of jokes or “What did I say?” comments. If she can’t tell you the last book she read or she’s constantly giving you blank stares at certain vocabulary words, yeah…next.

3. You can introduce her to your friends but not your family

This doesn’t need a long explanation, does it? Friends are who you hang out with. Lots of fun. Nothing serious. They actually root for the girl who’s the life of the party. But your mom and sis? A girl who walks in with hardly any clothes on, liquor on her breath with a loud tone of voice and a few choice words to match is probably not going to make the best impression. Ever seen the show Love Island? Check out the ones they call “wife material”. If your girl ain’t them, don’t bring her home.

4. There’s chemistry but not a true connection

Oxytocin is one hell of a drug. OK, technically it’s a hormone in your body that makes its presence felt, for example, during the peak of pleasure. It’s what makes people feel like they have a deep connection when a lot of times all they have between them is good sex. If the two of you don’t have much to talk about outside of the bedroom, the passion is gonna fizzle. (We know you’re probably not gonna listen, but we did say it!)

5. She likes to date. Hates relationships.

So, how do you know if you have a dater rather than a mater in your life? A woman who dates around gives you vague answers. You may have found her on one of the free dating sites. You ask what she’s doing this weekend and she says she’ll get back with you. You send a text on Thursday and you might hear back Sunday. You say you want to take things to the next level and she gives you a blank look and a cryptic grin. Listen, if a girl wants to be in a relationship, she’s going to have no problem showing you that she’s into you. She’ll make time. She’ll talk about her feelings. She’ll want to do more than casually date. If it’s been a couple of months and nothing’s progressed, you may have a great date on your hands, but we’re willing to bet some pretty good money that what you don’t have is girlfriend potential. (Sorry. Kinda.)

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