Taking In A Stray Dog In Manipal, Dos and Dont’s

Stray Dog in Manipal
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“Everyone wants to own a dog, but no one wants to care for one.”

You’ve often heard this cynical derision from your parents, especially about adopting a stray dog in Manipal. They may seem like mere empty words at first, but they do represent that idyllic mentality you have one to one.

Owning a pet means being responsible for a life; it’s no less than having a child. While the fulfillment through endless love, affection, and companionship the pet can give you is immense, it begets you doing the same for the pet. Improvising it is an absolute no-go. So, here are some tips to get you started with caring for a Stray Dog in Manipal.

Adopt Don’t Shop

Stray Dogs in Manipal Rounded Up
Source- Deccan Herald

If you were lucky enough to land a place that doesn’t get on your ass about pet ownership, then the next thing to consider is, “How do I get one?. Stray dogs in Manipal dominate the landscape. You can find them almost anywhere; they’re an excellent place to start. 

Another similar avenue to explore is adoption centers, which house abandoned animals or rehabilitated strays needing an owner. You can also opt to buy any of the premium pristine dog breeds from a well-known breeder. However, that option is always costly and contributes to an industry that’s not the most ethical. 

By buying a well-bred dog, not only will you be contributing to an already existing issue of over-breeding for commercial purposes, leading to more and more abandoned dogs, but additionally, dog breeding as an industry is inherently harmful to the dogs they use. You can afford to skimp out on your aesthetic sense just a little bit.

Medical Needs of the Stray Dog in Manipal

Medical needs of stray dogs in Manipal
Source- Daily Paws

Get your pet their shots as soon as possible. As they stand fresh off the street, they’re at high risk of contracting many diseases and parasites, and they will need periodic vaccinations to ensure they don’t turn fatal. 

They may already have some conditions that need immediate treatment; strays lead short lives, which is why there’s an abundance of them as they breed more to compensate.

 Veterinary care is so intrinsically vital no matter what pet you have. So much so that if you aren’t financially stable enough to afford it, you shouldn’t even consider getting a pet. Luckily, Manipal isn’t lacking in this department and has quite a few veterinary clinics, so here are some numbers you can call. You’ll need to get them redone yearly to counteract faltering immunity, so ensure you’re stable in life.

City Veterinary Clinic –  084242521735

Dr. D.V Bijoor- 08202520082, 09845243978

Next up, grooming.

Grooming, in the case of dogs, usually involves bathing them, trimming their coat and paws,  and giving them a comb to take care of the shed.  It’s not just an aesthetic choice but a necessary one for their health as in summer months, especially in Manipal, an abundance of fur can be quite troublesome for them.

 It also helps them avoid infections, and ticks and helps YOU avoid being scratched to bits by their very sharp paws. It’s an investment, especially combined with veterinary bills, food, and toys, but ultimately a necessary one.

Day-day needs

Taking care of stray dog in manipal
Source- Nerd Wallet

A pet’s needs don’t differ much from the basal instinctual needs of humans. They need to be fed, hydrated,  played with, and need to move around by going on walks and the like. 

Unlike us, though, they cannot fulfill these needs alone and need our help as they’re domesticated creatures. It’s pretty easy to go about feeding them as here even corner stores have packets of pedigree; however, Manipal being a city makes going on walks and such quite inconvenient, but worry not as there are places that are perfectly safe for walking.

Public parks, sidewalks, and some grassy areas on the far stretches of town. It’s recommended you walk your dog earlier in the day as that’s when traffic is at its lowest, and you won’t find large groups of strays that may engage in conflict or infect your dog with something.

Training and toys

play with the stray dog in manipal
Source- Zootis Petcare

Training your dog applies to more than just teaching them tricks. Usually, you don’t need to do much. However, potty training them is pretty much necessary unless you wish to live in a pigsty. You can choose to go for fancier tricks; there are plenty of videos on YouTube and plenty of methods to go about training your dogs depending on their temperament within those videos. So, just knock yourself out with this one.

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