A Brief Respite

A Brief Respite: Deepavali 2012

November 30, 2012 Sam 0

Date: 13th November 2012 Venue: The Well Event: Diwali DJ Night Organizers: The Welfare Com Necessity is the mother of Invention, or so they say. Despite several constraints and restrictions in place, the ever enterprising […]

India and World

The Pirates of Coal Mines

November 29, 2012 Guest Blogger 0

It is 65 years since India attained independence and the nation has registered a series of ‘changes’, establishing its candidature for the next superpower. The days of misery are over, mafia raj no more, today […]

A Brief Respite

A Brief Respite: Manipal never fails VIII

November 21, 2012 Sam 0

  Distance separates us, a strange distance. Blissfully unaware was I , of your existence; Miles apart, worlds apart; tables apart Wandering eyes and a hollow  heart.   There she sits, pretty and demure; Her […]

India and World

A Tiger only at Home

November 18, 2012 Pranav 4

On 17th November 2012, the so called “Tiger”, Shiv Sena  chief Balasaheb Thackeray lost his breath. After fighting for his life, in a critical situation for almost three days at his Mumbai residence ‘matoshri’.  His […]

Virtually There

Know Your Star: Virtually There: v12

November 18, 2012 Jaideep Rao 0

Life, perfect metaphor for itself…I had words but I held my speech… I was in quest of inspiration… Problems in the society overshadowed the positive energy around… Every whine dug the wound deeper…Urge to help […]