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Motivation and Spirituality

Appreciating The Grey

Most of us live our life with a well-defined concept of good and bad. It’s a concept that’s been defined for us since childhood, something that had been inculcated in the very roots of our subconscious minds, primarily through the

Art & Literature

Book Review: Sitayana

Title: Sitayana Language: English Author: Amit Majmudar Genre:  Fiction –   Alternative History/Mythology Publisher: Penguin (24 January 2019) ISBN-10: 0143447297 ISBN-13: 978-0143447290 Binding: Paperback MRP: Rs. 399 (Buy from Amazon for 219) Pages: 256 Summary: Everyone loves to fantasize about

National & World

Climate Refugees

For several years, humans have kept themselves moving from one place to another in search of better living conditions. Migration for the attainment of better lifestyle and better opportunities is what is persistent till now but have you heard about


Know Your Artists : Sunburn Campus : Manipal 2019

The EDM fever is gripping Manipal as Sunburn Campus returns to Manipal, this time featuring Shaan, the Hard Candies, and Gaurav Mehta, with R99 opening for the Headliners!

Grab your tickets to this Saturday’s Music Festival and be part of one of the most historic events in Manipal! Tickets available at Barista (Canara Mall) Dollops (Tiger Circle) Secret Recipe (Student Plaza, MIT) Crave Bakers (End Point Road) Hangyo CTF and on calling the Volunteer Team at 9480074473