The fisherman’s oars – Anuj Sharma


The fisherman’s oars - anuj sharma 1Welcome….to my world

Come inside and I’ll show

Don’t be scared, let me lead

Hold my hand, I won’t let go

Isn’t it pretty, calm and serene

My world where the sun shines bright

Feel the dreams come to life

Like a little girl praying at night

Close your eyes and feel my world

A place with just you and me

And crystal sands and emerald trees

Separating us from the deep blue sea

Hold my hand and take a breath

Feel my world inside of you

Fold your legs and sit on the shore

Feel the touch of the sea so blue

Listen to the voice of silent waves

Smell the water washing the shores

The orange sun, the calm white breeze

And the ripples of the fisherman’s oars.      

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