A Guide to Survive Manipal’s Monsoon-Rain Falls, Seasons Change

Source- Meenakshi Manipal Blog

It’s that time of the year once again and as always as it’s raining it’s REALLY pouring. Monsoon in Manipal is especially extreme and presents a whole new set of challenges for the average person to acclamate to. So, here are a few tips that can help make the onslaught a little easier for you to bear,

Secure your electronics-

The first thing to mark the onset of monsoon won’t just be the rain but something that you can feel much more directly. Power cuts, they’re annoying but most of all they are extremely dangerous for any electronic equipment you may own so safeguard ALL of it.

Anything that you don’t need ‘on’ make sure it stays ‘off’ and for everything else either get a UPS(works for fridges, PCs, ACs, Tvs) for whatever you can or else make sure it’s turned off the moment power goes out or you’ll be looking at a hefty maintenance bill trying to replace lights, fans, inductions and even ACs. So stay vigilant and don’t slack off, it can genuinely cost you more than an arm and a leg.

Going out-

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Just because it’s raining a lot doesn’t mean your day to day life will be put on hold. You’re still gonna be going outside for work, food or whatever else that needs to be done, however it’s best to not march outside empty handed and unprepared.

Rain here can be pretty aggressive, downright deafening at times and an umbrella alone isn’t gonna cut it after a certain point. So mix and match, go get yourself a raincoat and a pair or two of rain boots. After all this is India we live in, every single inch of land is full of potholes and the pooling water is not gonna be fun to trudge through in sneakers. As for the actual water raining from the sky , your umbrella alone won’t help you much as you struggle against the wind and the water it’s launching in your face.

Additionally try not to bring your muddy and soaking equipment too far indoors and just leave them at the entrance to dry lest you have another slippery mess to clean up in this lovely weather.

Speaking of cleaning, wash your boots in the bathroom and either throw your raincoat in the wash or do it by hand (depending on the care label attached to it) on, at the very least, a weekly basis or bacteria will accumulate and you’ll get an infection.


smart water
Source- Smart Water

While the wetness of the rain may certainly have a direct effect on you outside your house, it’s presence is felt inside too. Drying clothes with the cloudy sky and the ridiculously cold temperature is NOT fun. Get yourself a clothes rack that you can place indoors and put it directly under a fan and preferrably next to a window with curtains drawn as well. It’ll take longer to dry than it would in the summer but it’s better than nothing and most certainly better than beating your clothes up in the washing machine and ripping them to bits.

Trying To Enjoy The Moment –

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It’s not all bad monsoon here has plenty of perks that come along with it. It’s the one time of year here in Manipal you won’t be constantly drenched in sweat so try and dress up a little bit, it can get very chilly. It’s quite consistent so expect long spells of this weather. Your AC bill will go wayyy down and so will any body odour issues you were having.

Plus it can provide quite a relaxing experience if you’re looking to unwind, just grab a warm coffee or chai or even a cigarette and sip along while gazing out at the pitter pattering raindrops and as you sink into the warmth drawn into your body, experience a peace you can only feel at this time of the year.

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