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The Wrath of Fani

Sarah Hussain | Staff Blogger With the initial speed of around 200 kilometres an hour, the cyclone Fani was one of its kind in fifty years of Odisha’s history. Fani dragged the citizens of Odisha in a nostalgic phase giving


Monday Blues

With multiple alarms blaring through our ears begins our Monday. With some of us hungover, some of us sober yet ending up late on Sunday nights and promising not to do the same thing again begins our weekly cycle. Giving up

Packing and moving in cardboard boxes

Cross-country Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Confusion escalating into chaos—imagine a scene where you’re ready to unpack your belongings in your new apartment. You’re in a new city, and you just arrived with your stuff ferried by a full-service cross-country mover. Everything ran smoothly, and you were


Making Life More Meaningful – Synergy 2019

The Leadership Summit of the Volunteer Services Organization, Synergy 2019 saw the two Chapters of Manipal and Mangalore come together to discuss, deliberate and explore leadership through the various activities that it had been doing over the years. But for Shreyanshi Gupta, from KMC Mangalore, it was more than that. Here’s what she had to say!