Science and Technology

Newspaper vs Technology

As we progress into the future, technology has started to replace almost everything ! The tasks which required a lot of time and effort, have now been merely reduced to a game of fingertips. Such has been the impact of

Motivation and Spirituality

Friendship at its Fiercest

Friends are the family you choose. What do you value the most in your best friend? Is it their ability to laugh with you for hours on end, is it the support that they give when you’re down, Or is it the unconditional love they have for you.


An Ode to the Avengers

Iron Man had a Malfunctioning heart, The Hulk tore his own life apart. Captain America watched his best friend die, Black Widow killed innocents without knowing why. Thor lost everyone he loved one by one, Scarlet Witch did things that


Movie Review: Kedarnath

Kedarnath – built around the Uttarakhand floods of 2013 is exceptionally rich in the aesthetics of the location. It is a movie that draws attention to a lot of social evils without essentially trying to stir a revolution in response