Art & Literature

The Plight

Victims of innocence, to lament left to spare, Countless of fragile hearts, torn in utter despair, Endowed with forlorn hopes, a vigil prayer and mourn, Seeking a peaceful solace, for those long gone, On that fateful episode, on a sunny


Trapped by Kabir Jain

There exists a world. A different world from what your senses can perceive. Silence surrounds it. Thoughts come and go like the millions of passengers that commute unconcerned of their being. Every action is controlled. Every reaction is almost purported


The Last Meal in Manipal

The food in Manipal presents with a variety of opportunities for the taste buds of the ever-increasing student population. The food in Manipal  will be an everlasting titillation to the taste buds, long after the students who enter as teenagers,