Fashion and Beauty

University Chic

While university is first and foremost about studying, everyone knows there is slightly more to it than that. Many couples meet at college, and friendships are made there for life. With so many opportunities to meet and talk to new


Not a Fashion Show!

My college organizes an annual fest, the primary goal of which is to distract its’ students from the exams that are (intentionally?) scheduled a couple of days after said fest ends, only to then reprimand them for not performing well



24th March marks the anniversary of the day in 1882 when Dr. Robert Koch discovered the Tuberculosis bacillus and thus enlightened the world about the cause of TB. This day is dedicated to spreading public awareness about the global epidemic


India’s Daughter – Her Fault?

With “India’s Daughter”, Leslee Udwin has once again brought Nirbhaya into the limelight and with her, dragged out the sinister monster of rape. What are we supposed to address now? The fact that the documentary has been banned in India