I Didn’t Know Kannada

Whenever my parents talked to each other in Kannada, it meant that I wasn’t supposed to know what they were talking about. I called it their ‘secret talk’. Perks of a multilingual environment, one might say. I’m not a very


The Unsung Heroes

Last night I received an extraordinary compliment. We had a walk- in from TAPMI. Now walk-in in our jargon means a takeaway ordered by the customer by coming personally to the restaurant. This youngster, a young MBA aspirant was waiting

Art & Literature

The Spell Of The Rising

TROY: 23rd September 1999……23:30 HOURS It was half an hour before midnight. The Dark Lord felt elation as he stood at the most powerful magical location on the Earth. Snape stood to his right, and Bella to his left. They


A Meeting And A Plan

Harry Potter woke up with a start; he was shaking all over as beads of sweat were making their way down his face. He’d just seen an incredible vision;in which Voldemort planned to open a portal into another world. Harry