Documentary Review: Icarus

One of the major highlights of any year is the big sporting event that takes place that year. This is irrespective of the sport that is having that major event or even sometimes has all the major sports happening at


Movie Review: Sanju

‘Based on real events’ has been a term played very fast and loose with over the few years Bollywood biopics have been in vogue. With audience flocking to theatres to know the story behind the man of many faces and in what is set to be a career resurgence for Ranbir Kapoor, the question remains, is Sanju the most expensive PR Campaign Bollywood has ever churned out? Rishi Kant reviews Sanju.

Art & Literature

Beaming with Pride

When patrons of the Stonewall Inn set off the historic 1969 riots after police raided and harassed members of the LGBT community, there was no telling that their activism would result in such an immense annual display of queer solidarity. With pride month coming to a close, we revisit the essence of what this movement tries to tell us.

Travel & Leisure

The Path to Success

In life we get many an opportunity but we fail to see them, they come in different ways; be it in form of small packages or larger ones but each opportunity paves our way for success. Let’s look at how.