Campus and Community

Campus & Community

Chapter One: MIT Manipal Academics

Packing up for MIT Manipal, leaving home behind and embracing hostel life will obviously raise a thousand questions and depending on the student they vary from directions to the nearest library to the nearest McDonald’s. However, after all other research, people come the actual nitty gritty! The subjects! Here’s a comprehensive guide to your academics as a fresher!


Current Affairs


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    Health and Fitness

    • The Nipah Outbreak in the Kozhikode region has been a topic that has garnered much attention in the past week. With a very high mortality rate, necessary precautions need to be taken and the general populous must be made aware of the condition and its symptoms. Here is all we know so far of this deadly virus.

    • What you eat massively contributes to your skin appearance. In details, foods may affect your hormone balance, cause blemish and acne, and create or alleviate inflammation associated with skin aging.  A diet which is lacks ...