It’s Okay To Hate Deepika’s ‘MY CHOICE’ Video

Dear people,  it is perfectly normal to feel hurt or offended after watching the new Vogue Empower video titled My Choice! That is the intention of the video. The video (which by the way is produced and directed by men) does not do any justice for the cause of women empowerment. There is absolutely no need to share or encourage such videos to show your support for a rightful cause.
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There are many men and women who understand that women empowerment means having equal rights as men. And then there are women who feel the need to belittle men to believe that they are empowering women.

The tone of the video is as if there is a war going on between men and women. The qualities described by Deepika in the video like freedom to be thin/obese, freedom to be a lesbian/bisexual (anti-section 377) and the freedom to commit adultery (which was also illegal the last time I checked) has nothing to do with women empowerment. These are separate issues in which both men and women are voicing their opinion.

I know that it is really irritating and annoying to listen to Khap Panchayats or to watch the lawyers speak absolute nonsense in that Nirbhaya documentary. But does that mean that we should start defending out rights with the same kind of shallow arguments?

I would request the fellow social media users to not glorify such stunts portrayed by actresses who at the same time take crores for fairness cream advertisements (freedom to be dark/fair?).

Acting like an obese victim is easy, actually proving your point is harder. Having sex outside of marriage is easy, being faithful is harder. Living for your own self is easy, raising a child is much harder. Insulting men are the easiest and most commercially viable option these days but to excel in your field with wit and hard work is something I respect from the bottom of my heart, irrespective of your gender.

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