How To Park Your Car At Melbourne Airport Without Paying Top Dollar

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Did you know that Australians are highly dependent on airports to get them across major cities? This country has the maximum number of domestic fliers per capita in the world, and the capacity has only increased over the years.

Airline travelers have a variety of options to get to the airport. These include rideshares, taxis, Uber, public transport via train or road and self-driven cars.

Access is not the issue here – the problem is convenience and safety. If you’re traveling with a lot of luggage, kids, seniors or persons with disabilities, using public transport may not seem like a great option. Taxis and rideshares can work out to be quite an expensive proposition and can add to your holiday or business travel costs. During peak hours, getting an Uber is tricky and this gets your stress levels spiraling upwards.

These are reasons why many travelers prefer to take their own cars to the airport, avail of airport parking facilities, leave for their destinations stress free and simply drive off in their cars on return.

Why Is Airport Parking So Expensive ?

While there’s no doubt that driving your own car to the airport is a great option, the flip side is that airport parking is certainly not cheap. The high costs of airport parking puts a spoke in many travelers’ plans. Browse through any travel website, and you would probably find customer reviews that describe how expensive airport parking is.

Studies and reports reveal, contrary to popular perception, that Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport parking is one of the most competitively priced parking options in the country. Having said that, it still works out to a significant portion of your travel budget, especially if you plan to park long term in the airport premises.

Experts opine that airport parking prices are high for several reasons. Land costs can be high in the region of the airport, and if you want to park closer to your terminal the costs would be proportionately higher. Maintenance costs are prohibitive in all parking spaces, because they have to be well painted, cleaned and well-lit, and generally kept in good condition to avoid accidents.

When we talk about infrastructure, we need to include the price of utilities, initial construction, necessary expansions, permissions, licenses and taxes.

Though the era of driverless cars is fast coming on, today, parking lots have to be managed by human personnel. Digital signage and automatic or online payment options help customers to speed up the parking experience, but human beings are still required to monitor safety and convenience.

There are different categories of airport parking available. You can opt for valet parking, premium, long or short term, and more. Private parking service providers operate within and outside airports, and governments have their own airport authority managed airport parking services. This means that consumers have plenty of choices based on their individual needs, preferences and budget.

How To Save Big Bucks While Parking At Melbourne Airport

Though the travel and tourism industry suffered a big blow during the pandemic years, it’s slowly but surely bouncing back to the pre-Covid19 days. Travelers are flocking abroad and within the country in larger numbers than ever, and this means that our airports are busier than ever.

Parking in Melbourne Airport could range between AUD 39 for an hour to 49 for daily parking. Premium parking would be more expensive. You can choose to park at off-site parking areas such as the value parking option which is situated at a distance from the terminals. If you want to park long term and can manage your luggage, kids, seniors or wheelchair user passengers, this is a great option as the prices are extremely competitive. There is a convenient shuttle bus that operates between the parking area and the terminals, so you have to only make a note of the shuttle vehicle timings to get to your terminal at the right time.

If it’s possible, choose an alternate airport that’s smaller that you can fly out of. Parking in these airports is a much less expensive option compared to the main airport. This will require some additional planning and you need to calculate the costs carefully, because you could end up paying more for your flight tickets, and this would cancel out any savings you make on parking.

This means that there is a greater focus on airport parking. So let’s get a sneak peek at how you can achieve big savings with airport parking in Melbourne Airport.

Advance Planning: When you’re chalking out plans for a vacation, you take into account your flights, hotel bookings, in-country travel, visas and other costs. One cost that you’re likely to miss is transportation to the airport and back. You may think it’s a negligible amount in the big picture, but why fork out more dollars than you need to? You can save them up to spend on other stuff during your vacation. The solution is forward planning. Advance booking of parking slots helps you to plan better, comparison shop for the best rates and ensure that you’re not aimlessly circling the parking area on the day of your travel. Melbourne airport offers great rates and discounts for advance booking.

Book Online: Most private parking services and government services have their own websites. These sites have a host of useful features that help you get the best deals. For instance, you can calculate the parking cost here, making it swift, easy and convenient. Online services can also put you in the way of the latest information regarding congestion, closure of certain areas and more.

Comparison Websites: Apart from car parking websites, search further afield in comparison websites. They can give you up to the minute information on rates and package deals. These websites often purchase parking slots in bulk and then resell them to consumers, and in the process, they pass on the benefits to the final purchaser.

Deals, Discounts and Coupons: Coupon websites offer some amazing deals and discounts on parking at Melbourne Airport. While you’re at it, don’t forget to check the social media accounts of the airport. You will find the latest information on parking along with consumer feedback and useful tips. Using a parking app is another great idea that helps you to find low cost parking spaces. Some airports offer loyalty programs to frequent travelers, so if you are one, explore deals that are offered in the parking services as well.

Know The Rules: It’s good to familiarize yourself with the area, and the rules that may be in force at the time you have to travel to the airport. This can save you money in finding the shortest and cheapest route to drive on. Avoid traveling during peak hours if possible. This way you save time and money, and you arrive at the airport stress free and more relaxed.

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