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Namma angadi: a legacy 3

Namma Angadi: A Legacy

One of the most important things for cultural development in such a diversified country like India would be the social interactions between the localities of a region and the migrants, students (from a different region), and travelers. And to reduce

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Remembering irrfan khan 4

Remembering Irrfan Khan

The late actor, Irrfan Khan, died on April 29, 2020, after a two-year struggle with cancer. He’s been gone for two years now. His family, friends, and millions of fans around the world, on the other hand, continue to miss

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Muj scholarship
College Life

Scholarships at Manipal University Jaipur

I am writing this to solve all your queries regarding scholarship at Manipal University Jaipur, this post is intended for B.Tech Freshers. You have to apply for scholarship after coming to college, mostly in the month of September-October. Scholarship is

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Haircare for men 22
Fashion and Beauty

Haircare for Men

HAIR: A FEELING Let’s be honest if there is one thing that unifies all the genders is the aspiration of healthy and luscious hair. But there is more to hair than just being a dead or materialistic element, that just

Pretty privilege: is it real? 23
Fashion and Beauty

Pretty Privilege: Is it Real?

A few months ago, I was at the airport, picking up luggage and struggling a little during the process, when two kind people stopped to ask me if I was having trouble with my suitcases and if I needed help.

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Move it, shake it and wag it like me! 41

Move it, Shake it and Wag it like me!

Wagtails are wonderful small, not very small, medium-sized birds which are named so because of continuous waggling of their tail. They are slightly pale less colored birds unlike other bright and vibrant ones. What makes them super cute is the

Cryptocurrency investment black android smartphone displaying game application
Fintech and Cryptocurrency

Keeping Your Cryptocurrency Investment Secure

Bitcoin’s special cocktail of high volatility, unregulated markets, and a global user base make it the wild child of asset classes. According to Statista, “In April 2021, the Bitcoin market cap reached an all-time high and had grown by over