I’m not feeling up to it, I’ll do it tomorrow.  Just five more minutes and then I’ll start. One more episode and then I’ll study, I swear! This is how it begins for everyone, for a while we’re just a

Art & Literature

The sound in silence

Floating in the air , like a lifeless feather So light and so free The gentle wind , of the sea and the earth Lifting my spirit to touch the heavens Into the darkness , I keep looking Pitch black


Everyday College Outfits

Dressing up every day for college has become a nightmare now. What to wear is the same question every night before going to bed. You feel your closet is always empty and you have nothing to wear. You have spent


Online MBA: MBA fast forward

Gone are the days when the foundation of good education was only considered to be reading and writing. However now there is one more thing that has added up in the list. This thing is internet. There is almost nothing