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The celebrations have begun. Utsav, the Annual, Inter college festival, organized by the cultural co-ordination committee of Manipal University is back. Once again, MAHE’s best gear up to take on each other and prove who is best. Tempers flare and


A Feast For Crows

To all Game of Thrones fans, this is not about GoT so don’t pull a “for the watch” on me later. In Punjab, they say that the cawing of a crow heralds the arrival of a visitor. In GoT, it


Manipal’s Umbrella Man

The umbrella man is just like your average Joe. For all you may know he may be a she. He walks like you, talks like you and who knows, he may be standing beside you and sharing a joke. But


UTSAV 2015 the Hangover

Once again, a blanket of silence falls over KMC Greens. The music, the lights and the shouts are all gone. On the last night the place was alive with shouts of “Kaisa laga? Accha laga!”, “KMC, Manipal!”and “Mangalore”. The voice