Thrash The Thug

Yes, the Government has put up a good example in front of this country when it forcefully evicted a businessman fraudster clad in Bhagwa from the national capital of this country. Yes, the nation needs more of these raids to stop any xyz cheat from misleading the commoners of this nation. Yes, I do not care about the political patriot named Ram Krishna Yadav aka Baba Ramdev who aspires to be Swami Ramdev.

The common man of India faces corruption in his everyday life. Bribery is legal in this country. If you oppose the previous sentence you are a simpleton who is either a kid or a person who works in an MNC having a lavish income of your own. ‘Thou shall pay thy price’ has been the motto of all the Governments in the past four to five decades. It will be the motto of any XYZ Government who comes to power. This leads to the situation where the common man finds himself in a cage whose bars may change in every five years but they are as strong as ever.

But then the Lokpal Bill fast of Anna Hazare comes which demands the PM to be covered as well. People are awe-struck. The fast gains rapid media attention and Dhoni is no more the Superman of India. It is Anna. Ramdev is not pleased when he joined Anna and did not get the desired attention. Baba Ramdev, who once did a morning yoga show on Aastha TV channel, which he now owns by crooked means, now wants to materialize his political ambitions. He announces a date of his fast as well.

May I remind the reader that this is not the first time when he has acted in a most amateurish manner or lied shamelessly in order to fool the villagers. He has made hilarious claims of curing AIDS and various types of cancer to increase the sales of his Ayurvedic drugs and believes that sex education must be replaced by yoga. He is a man of rigid mentality who has said in public that ‘Homosexuals are sick people and must be sent to hospitals for treatment’. His promise to protest against the section 377 vanished into thin air.

Such a person of limited intellectual capabilities has again made hilarious claims to bring back the Kaala Dhan (Black Money) from other nations in a limited period of time! He wants to hang the corrupt officials! And he wants to promote Hindi-education! No Baba Ramdev will come to give employment to a young man when he would be rejected in a job interview just because he said ‘Mai name ijh Blah Blah’.

The reason I justify the action taken by the government is that Baba Ramdev provides false hope to the thousands of people who were present at the Ram Lila Ground. He is using their sentiments to fulfill his political ambitions (clearly influenced by RSS and others, which is proven by the presence of Sadhvi Ritumbara on the stage who is another shameless Hindu extremist). I justify the action because the people who were present there are pulling this nation back by supporting tricksters and frauds. I justify the action because this will be a good example for other political aspirants who will do anything to fulfill their ambitions.

And finally, the honorable Supreme Court of India should look upon the issue with seriousness and make sure that such incidents do not become a common occurrence because ultimately we live in a Democracy and no one should have a misconception of ruling the nation. He/she is actually serving the nation. The Government is the servant of the masses. An example should never become a routine.

PS: The reader should know that this piece is not politically inspired. I want the reader to realize that blind faith in Baba Ramdev will never eradicate poverty or corruption in India.

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