Rage for Revenge – Pragya Chaturvedi


Revenge is SweeterI will rise like black clouds

Thundering in rage for revenge

Burn the faces of those

Who marred my beauty

Shattered my innocence

Every time I remember ‘his’ face
Revolting disgust fills me up

Disguised in the robe of

A saintly tutor

His reality is entrapped

In my fist

He was the one I proudly trusted

My existence can’t withstand

The stings of his touch

Sets me on fire

The fire has ignited


Fearless and vicious

Augmenting to demolish

Not to spare one in lineage

Blazes from the pits of hell

To cast the shadow of hell

Impassively without guilt

Scorch of unquenched thirst

Will be satiated by

Sweet taste of revenge

I am the dance of death

Call me fiend for all I care

Epitome of hate

Who has turned me so?

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