The Battle between Social Media and our time.

I’m not feeling up to it, I’ll do it tomorrow.  Just five more minutes and then I’ll start. One more episode and then I’ll study, I swear!

imagesThis is how it begins for everyone, for a while we’re just a few hours behind but before we know it, the load has built up to more than we can handle. Speaking of procrastination, this article is one of the best examples. I was supposed to write this at the beginning of the month and guess when it’s finally being written?

Procrastination starts off in a simple enough way, delays of a few minutes, a few hours. Soon this evolves into a few days, a few weeks and then finally we procrastinate for months or never end up finishing what we were supposed to do.

The biggest aid to procrastination is the Entertainment Industry. I can’t even count the times I’ve put off doing something important when I’m watching something good or even when I’m reading something really gripping. However, these are still acceptable reasons for procrastination, but what about social media?

The Battle between Social Media and our time.
The Battle between Social Media and our time.

We spend hours and hours on the Internet, scrolling through Facebook, liking Memes, following fan fiction, drooling over celebrities, watching videos of our favorite YouTubers doing mundane things like getting ready in the morning and it all seems more interesting than responsibilities and life!

A five-minute WhatsApp break turns into half an hour of checking status updates and display pictures, a ten minute nap becomes two hours of sleep and a passing thought turns into an elaborate daydream, a lot can happen if you just procrastinate.

The Wonderful Beauty of Procrastination
The Wonderful Beauty of Procrastination.

The habit of procrastination is a hard one to break. This is because it’s so easy and comfortable.For a few days we try to stay strong but soon it creeps back in, enticing us with its alluring promise of relaxation and no immediate responsibilities.  It’s only when the consequences of constantly putting things off catch up to us and we’re in the eleventh hour, cursing ourselves and desperately trying to finish up, that we finally understand the importance of doing things on time. This fear prevents us from procrastinating for a while, that is until we discover a new show, the next book in our favorite series comes out or we find a new celebrity to stalk .Then it’s back to square one again.

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