Experience the First day of a Fresher at Manipal

Coming towards the Manipal University block, I could see, the Manipal.EDU building rising up and the moment I see the building, I feel a mix of emotions, nervousness, excitement, sadness, panic, and emotions that I do not even have names to express.

As I see the building, a voice goes off in my head, “This is it Fidha, it is this place where your life’s gonna change. This very place where everything is gonna become a part of your life. You can do it, it’s no biggie…”.

For a high school graduate all this is new, especially when you have studied your whole life outside India and then one fine day, you just pack your bags and set off to this new bizarre place, loaded with new experiences and adventure.Welcome to Manipal

The first day of college, there is the orientation session and you see all the parents around with their wards and you try to make some new friends. You’ve already met your room mates and you get together with them. They are the only company you have  at that moment.Manipal Orientation

The orientation was pretty long and boring and all the people gathered in the room were literally begging it to stop or so their faces revealed. And then a man shows up in a suit at the podium looking all business executive types, saying “This probably might me the worst time for me to talk”  and with that line he got everyone’s attention. He was a representative of the ‘Paatshala‘ or so I remember.

All I remember till date of what he said was

“Break your norms. Be brave, don’t let anyone bring you down. Use discouragement as the fuel for your engine.”

And I knew, at that moment, these words were all I needed to get through college life.

The most sentimental part on the first day, is, when you part with parents.  Even though I thought I’ll be fine with all the parting and stuff but I wasn’t. I could see my parents walking towards me to bid their goodbyes, their faces filled with joy and pride. Their baby girl is now in college, all grown up, and, they are going to leave her alone to take on the world by herself. I notice the tinge of sadness on their face at the same time,  they are leaving her here all by herself.
My parents hug me, they don’t  want to leave just yet, but we have to part anyways.

They stay with me a little longer, they’re late for the train from Udupi,  but they stay a little longer. I keep saying, I’ll be fine, that they can leave, while on the inside,  I keep begging for them to stay. I start feeling a lump in my throat and I know if I keep on looking at my parents faces I’ll  break down. I don’t want to create a scene.

As soon as they leave, I walk back to the hostel. I feel dreadful, what with all these mixed emotions and I guess, my face reveals all. I know, I will breakdown any moment, but, I resolve to be strong. I can’t always depend on my parents and be pampered by them. It’s time for me to be what I want, and leave a mark on the world for others to see.

Staring at the greens half way to my new home, I take a deep breath and the familiar voice in my head returns;
“It’s a long way, but, Hey! The road is never going to be easy and I know my friends and the Manipal life will hopefully get me going. And no I don’t regret anything as I know I am at the right place”

And so here my starts journey towards a bigger future.

Kudos to all the freshers for your upcoming journey filled with many wonderful adventures 🙂

PS: Seniors please be kind to us 😛

About the Author: Fidha Fathima, is beginning her BSc. in Respiratory Therapy course at Manipal School of allied Health Sciences at Manipal University.


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