The Seasonal Frogs of Manipal….

Monsoon is knocking at the doorsteps of Manipal and now we are going to witness some croakers of all sizes and in the most unexpected places. But for all those who go ‘eewww’ on the mention of the frog prince, there is a good news! This post is not about the poor frogs who try to sing us lullabies but end up irritating us. This post is about a very irritating, cynic and equally stupid breed of human beings, which when compared to the real amphibian, makes a frog look like an angel in disguise.

10 remarkable characteristics/facts of ‘Seasonal frogs’:

1. The first and foremost requirement to qualify for this category is to complement the title. People who recognize you only in a specific ‘season’ i.e. either when they are broke or when they need you during the exams or maybe at the times of utmost despair when their free advice is completely useless.

2.Though it is not officially stated in any book of records I believe they are the second people to be blamed for increasing suicidal tendencies in the modern world. (First place is and always will be held by Sir Justin Bieber).

3. Every seasonal frog thinks that he/she is a psychological genius who can play with the minds of people.

4. They are wrong.

5. They are very good in buttering people and they equally fail when it comes to sarcasm.

6. They show that they have a lot of friends and have a very happening life but in reality, they party with themselves in their own shacks. (No prizes for guessing that they are their own DJ and bartender).

7.Frogs are more hygienic than ‘seasonal frogs’.

8. Once their season ends you don’t exist. One or two cases have been reported to give the cheapest sweets or unused antique pieces as a gesture of ‘thanks’.

9. Highly incapable and excellent in identifying the other frogs, leading to ‘groupism’. (That is the reason that they are dependent on others goodwill at all times).

10. They suck to the core

So beware of people having even half of these traits because who knows you may be their next target of buttering, pathetic sarcasm, free advice and God knows what else.

PS: Seasonal or real. I hate frogs.


  1. Very keen personality reading! Seems to be written after experience. Super treatise on 'the art of living'!!!! Don't worry, buddy. World's is full of seasonal frogs, not only Manipal.

  2. Why have you left out in your discourse female frogs who use us practically as servants and then throw in the dust bin? It'll add another dimension to your theory!

  3. Why hve you not included in your discourse female frogs who use us practically as servants and then throw in the dustbin? It'll add a new dimension to your theory!

  4. :O Why is every1 anonymous?!
    @anonymous1: Ya! I know…recently evn my xams got over! Nd I got an experience of the weirdest species!
    @anonymous2: Oh! If I start abt female frogs then it would have been an epic not a blog! 😀 Female frogs r deadly!
    @anonymous3: Thanks! 🙂

  5. whoa….shit,im out of words. its a funny thing. u find some ppl u think can change ur life and make it a better place…but all u find is hypocrisy and negligence…i have felt it so many times and it really does suck….was guessin myself to write abt such ppl myself..think u have covered my point 😛

  6. @anonymous: Frogs,irrespective of male/female are morons! 😀 M not being sexist in that aspect..D prev comment was light hearted and sorry if it offended you!

  7. With due respects to Francis Bacon, this is an interesting topic to write about. We come across many, many people in our lives — and most of those go on to become friends. However, on closer examination, we sometimes find that some of those are actually not friends, but merely seasonal friends!

  8. Because all they do is get you into trouble and start drama.They always pretend to be your friend so you could feel good but as something happen they are always the first to turn against you.They always try to make you not talk to other people so when they hurt you and turn against you,they wont be anyone who would want to be your friend.Never the less,in the end "Hypocrites" and "Backstabbers" are the ones who make a person know who they are and who to call their true friends

  9. Well, what I find horrible is that these people are so blatant about this. They know exactly what they're doing, and they don't bother to hide it. That's kinda bad, ain't it?

  10. I am looking for an epithet that describes someone who cries publicly, but seeks revenge in secret.

    By crying publicly the person exhibits injury and appeals to the public for remedy. As a result, the public recognizes an injured person who seeks justice within the law and is willing to help.

    Out of public view, however, the person seeks revenge on the party that has brought him or her injury. In so doing he seeks justice outside the law and in so doing spurns the public's help that he or she has sought in tears.

  11. The trick is to watch what you say and do. The rule is to never HAND them the knife that will land in your back.

  12. THIS IS THE STUPIDEST WEBSITE EVER!! Its so obvious to tell when people are making shit up, you don't sound cool u sound retarded.

  13. I thought of what my daughter told her 5 yr old daughter Katie…when Katie asked on a Sunday morning "Why are all those cars in that parking lot by that big building"?

    She told her that "they were the cars of people who like to get together on Sunday Mornings and talk about being nice to each other"

    Then I thought about one of the last times I had been to Church for a Family event after the service the people as they left the church greeted the Priest and smiled at each other….then while all the cars were trying to exit the one exit parking lot… one car blew it's horn when someone wouldn't let them in line…and from that other car someone gave them the finger…
    So much for being nice to each other!!!

  14. 95% of the guy frogs and girl frogs are always nice and are good.
    The remaining 5% have all the potential to be nice good frogs if only they will make some effort in the right direction.

  15. All of us have gone into "frogomania". The detailed commentary has added so many perspectives. It's as though the frog within us is awakened by this frogie treatise!

  16. @i am toad: True up to some extent!
    @cecila: Yep! Dey r ignorant…its dere food for life! 😛
    @this is so dumb: .|..
    @anonymous: Yes! many ppl may not realise dat dey r being a frog 😛 😀
    @froggie: 😀
    @Unseasonal frog: Ok! Got u! So true 🙂
    @wise owl: Exactly!!
    @RA Stegemann: Deep thot!

  17. One day she just stopped taking my phone calls. She avoided me at social gatherings. She refused my invitation to talk about it. When I asked what I did to justify the sudden cold shoulder, “Nothing” was her reply in a tone that really said, “Everything.” And she’s probably right. I hurt her deeply. I must have. But how can you make amends when the other person refuses to tell you what you did wrong?

  18. Well..dat's d point! Ppl show their natural emotions not hide dem deep inside nd burn! Bt frogs can be cheery nd tok to u abt thngs dat is of d least concern to deep inside they rot!!

  19. hey..i generally dont post comments but this one makes a lot of couldnt help but leave a line..good stuff ..i could actually relate to it…. lifts up my spirits tht there still r some good bloggers around..looking forward to more of your posts..

  20. ManipalBlog – Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  21. I am in the middle of something like this…my bestfriend whom I also have been living with these past monthes just turned up to be a back stapping bitch…and now I have vome to realize that she is only a seasonal friend. Vero nice post though !

  22. @cloud minus nine: U r correct! Nd its not just u..everybody encounters them nd feel same as u! Nd thanks 🙂
    PS: Love your display minus nine 😀
    @Connel: Thank you so much!! 🙂 I would definitely write more as your encouragement keeps me going on! 🙂

  23. @Anonymous: Glad we are improving. the credit does go to the new team and new bloggers we've got. But it's mostly due to the positive comments and constructive criticisms, that we are improving. Do keep visiting and keep rating us 🙂 We love your comments!

  24. Got an idea! You Know What? Tanmay, now you must write on how to deal with seasonal frogs. Just do it!!!!!

  25. When people come into your life for a SEASON, it is because your turn has come to share, grow, or learn. They may bring you an experience of peace or make you laugh. They may teach you something you have never done. They usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy. Believe it! It is real!
    But only for a season.

  26. This is an entirely new brand of frog dissection! And I must add, a much better one because frogs are not killed (no butchery involved) and yet they are thoroughly dossected. Kudos!

  27. I am learning that life gives us all different kinds of relationships. Some people are close to us all our lives; others come into our lives for a certain time and then move on. Sometimes people I thought I'd probably never see again pop back up into my life years later. I just never know. But I am thankful for all of the different kinds of friends we have; they all serve a different purpose; each has its place; and I think it is good to realize this.

  28. I believe that there are still a few good men and women around, who like me, believe in being there for their friends. If some of my friends are indeed selfish and unkind — as some of their own friends think them to be — well, best of luck and try to be much more honest with yourself, and with your so-called friends. To each his/her own!

  29. @this is so dumb: Very true!! I'd rather not have such seasons!
    @crystal ship: Wow!! Nice work 🙂
    @anonymous1: Thanks!! lol 😀
    @anonymous2: Hey sure! Thnx,keep a look! 🙂
    @anonymous3: M glad u sed dat! 🙂
    @sensitive slouch: Ok. Agreed, Bt every1 must try to end it on a good note! Not ditch or irritate the concerned person!

  30. @seasonal frogs are humans too: Now as u put it I i am not calling them frogs principally coz I hate them…m callng them frogs because they are not realising that they are pissing people off! Bt yep, its true dat we have to be honest wid ourselves…

  31. some people are only meant to be seasonal friends, lovers, etc..when the season is up…let them go.

  32. A seasonal friend comes and goes in a period of time (the season). They are good friends, acquaintances, even the mailman and the guy who sells you smokes. They are in and out, no vast impact or impressions left on you, as a person. I don't mean going goth for a year, or trying drugs because everyone else was doing it, but real impressions left on your core values and general disposition. These friends are filler, and serve a very good purpose.


    Just wanted to make a point!

  34. With this post now, we can safely launch new cuisine in Manipal, toad toast! Frog Fry! ect. ect.

  35. With the commentary, I'm 100% convinced that seasonal frogism is the most common disease in this world. No doubt left.

  36. But haven't we left out a large group of seasonal frogs called the politicians! Maya with BJP, Cong with Jaya, left ith BJP and so onnn. A whole range there!

  37. @Rachana: OMG! So the phenomenon is so universal!! 😀 Dat is true to d core!! Nd it is because 1st year is apparently there hunting season coz a few of us can identify dem in d beginning!

  38. @Laahsiv: Apparently u r good when it comes to identify these frogs! Only den u can make proper use of den rather than getting used by d frogs..u do full justice to frogs wen u compare dese frogs to d mailman nd d shopkeeper! 😀

  39. At the end of the day, it doesn't pay to be a seasonal frog. It's a question of temperament. People can't help being what they are. There're very less number of people who actually alter their personalities and behaviour consciously. Those who do so are outstanding. Others go by instinct.

  40. Ribbit ribbit I am a frog
    As pretty as a frog can be
    I love to jump from log to log
    Come with me and you'll see

    Eating bugs is what I do
    My legs are kinda short
    I promise not to hug or kiss you
    Cause that will give you warts

    My skin is really bumpy
    Not as smooth as yours
    Like when your head gets lumpy
    From walking into a door

    Being a frog can be fun
    When swimming with mom and dad
    Jump on in and get some sun
    Out here on my lilly pad

    I never swear or even fight
    Thats not the way to be
    So now you know what it's like
    To be a frog like me

  41. तुम्हारे गुनगुनाने का कोई मतलब रहा होगा
    तुम्हारे मुस्कुराने का कोई मतलब रहा होगा
    प्रीति के संकेत यूँ ही व्यर्थ तो होते नहीं है
    तुम्हारे कसमसाने का कोई मतलब रहा होगा

  42. @anonymous1: Thanks for d poem! 🙂
    @anonymous2: Wah wah! 😀 Ye matlabi logon pe hi likha hai humne! 🙂 But I would be grateful if u put it in English!

  43. Translation
    There must've been a purpose in your humming;
    There must've been a purpose in your smiling;
    The signal are not just wasted.
    There must've been a purpose in your longing!

  44. Designs hidden in your humming!
    Schemes wrapped in you smiling!
    You're smart enough not to waste you affection,
    There's planning in your longing!

  45. Translation Attempted:

    There must've been a purpose in your whistling;
    There must've been a purpose in your grinning;
    The signals of love are certainly not wasted.
    There must've been a purpose in your craving!

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