Do’s and Don’ts on Exam Day

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The exam day is a very important day for students. They prepare the whole year for final exams and aim to score high. They do a lot of hard work and practice throughout the year. Therefore, students must stay calm on exam day. This will help them to achieve their aim. On the exam day, students should only think about their exam and should forget about the outcome.

There are some do’s and don’ts discussed here that students should follow on exam day.

Do’s on Exam Day

Students should keep the following points in mind on exam day:

Sleep well a day before the exam day

Students should sleep properly a day before the exam. Relaxation of mind is very important for students to give their best in the exam. They should sleep at least for 7-8 hours before the exam day. It will enhance their energy on the exam day and they can remember what they have studied or prepared for the exam.

Deep breathing

Students should practice deep breathing in the morning on exam day. This will relax their mind and will help to enhance their energy. Deep breathing also calms down the physical body. This helps in reducing the stress of exams.

A healthy breakfast

Students should eat a healthy breakfast before leaving home for the exam. It will enhance their energy and will help them to get confidence. If a student goes an empty stomach on exam day he/she may feel gastric problems and can get distracted from giving best in the exam.

Reach before time

Students should reach the examination center before the scheduled time. They should leave home early to avoid any traffic rush on the way. They should remain calm and should not feel any stress. After reaching the exam center, students can check their room and roll numbers in the list displayed on the board.

Read the question paper carefully

Students should spare 10-15 minutes for reading the question paper. Students should read each question carefully and mark the easy ones. They should read all instructions before start writing their exam. They should read the marking scheme of different sections so that they know how much time they can spend on each section. It will help them to utilize three hours effectively. Students should also spare some time for revision after finishing the paper. It will help them to check if they have answered all questions. Students should start with the easy section first so that they can feel confident.

Move further if a student does know the answer

Students should not waste much time on a question. If they do not know a particular answer, they should move further and try to complete their paper on time. They can return to the same question in the end. It is better to finish the paper rather than wasting time thinking over a question. When students keep thinking about a particular answer, they get stressed out.

Keep a track of time

exam day person clicking Apple Watch smartwatchStudents should keep a track of time. They should practice sample question papers to manage time. They should spend more time on questions that carry more marks. If they fail to find answers to questions given in the NCERT textbooks, they can refer to ncert solutions on the internet. This will help to save time. If time is left, they can check their answers and spelling before leaving the examination hall.

Positive attitude

Students should keep a positive attitude. They should not worry about the result. They should only focus on the exam and try to give their best. This is very important for giving a good performance in the exam.

Don’ts on Exam Day

Students should also follow the given don’ts on the exam day:

Avoid drinking too much water before the exam

Students should avoid drinking too much water before the exam as students may not be allowed to go to the washroom multiple times. If they will ask to go to the washroom multiple times, it will waste their precious exam time. Therefore, students should avoid drinking any type of drink before the exam.

Avoid drinking coffee or any other stimulant a day before the exam

Students should avoid drinking coffee or any other stimulant the night before the exam day as it may keep them awake for long which is not good for their performance in the exam. They should eat a healthy dinner and should try to sleep early to get good sleep.

Do not forget your admit card and stationery

Students should keep everything ready a night before the exam day. They should not forget to carry their admit card and stationery items. Students should make sure to keep everything ready a night before the exam day. Students should carry pens, pencils, ruler, erasers, and other necessary items to the exam center.

Avoid last-minute revision

exam day revision woman biting pencil while sitting on chair in front of computer during daytimeStudents should avoid last-minute revision. They should give a quick revision at home. They can go through the important notes just before reaching the exam center.  But, once the students reach the examination center, they should keep their books close and avoid revising anything.

Avoid learning a new concept

Students should avoid learning a new concept on exam day. This will increase their stress level and will also make them confused.  They may forget the other concepts if they try to learn new concepts at the last moment.

Avoid gossips with friends

Students should avoid gossips with friends on exam day. Any kind of discussion with friends about the preparation for the exam should be avoided as it will increase the stress level. If a student finds that he/she has not prepared a topic it will put a bad impact on the performance.

Avoid looking around in the examination hall

Students should not look here and there in the examination hall. They should focus on their exam. This could lead to a bad impression on the examiner.

Thus, students should keep the above do’s and don’ts in mind a day before the exam. The above tips will help students to show their best performance in the exam.

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