Chernobyl tour from a historical point of view

chernobyl tour

April 26, 1986 – the day of the largest man-made disaster in human history. On this day at the 4th unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant there took place 2 massive explosions. More than 30 years have passed since the tragedy, but its consequences remain the subject of discussion all over the world. Hence, more and more people try to organize a tour to Chernobyl Zone.

Consequences of the catastrophe: come and see at Chernobyl tour

According to UNSCEAR, this disaster was and continues to be the biggest nuclear accident in the history of science. The most hazardous repercussion of the incident – a huge blowout of radioactive dust into the atmosphere.

As for the victims, Ukraine remains the leading country among other soviet republics. A powerful cyclone carried radioactive substances through several countries, including:

  • Russia, Belarus;
  • Lithuania, Latvia;
  • Poland;
  • Sweden, Norway;
  • Austria;
  • Finland;
  • Great Britain;
  • later Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.

However, nowadays Chernobyl tour is an absolutely safe activity. The disaster also caused irrelevant medical, economic and social heritage. Behind the environmental legacies, the incident grew into a planetary danger as long as radioactive cesium became obstructed by 75% of the territory of Europe.chernobyl tour

Secrets of Ukraine Chernobyl tour: who was blamed for the accident?

Before searching for Chernobyl tour cost, it’s important to be aware of all information connected with the tragedy. There were a lot of versions concerning who was guilty of the accident. Historians emphasize the political responsibility of the communist regime, which endangered the lives and health of millions of citizens for ideological interests. Indeed, there are several factors that caused the accident:

  • imperfect construction;
  • violation of construction technology;
  •  the use of low-quality building materials;
  •  numerous mini-disasters.

On the one hand, the criminal actions of the authorities to conceal information have deepened the irreparable negative repercussions of the tragedy. On the other hand, these factors have led to the intensification of the national democratic movement, which eventually ended up with the collapse of the USSR.

How did the Chernobyl disaster lead to the collapse of the Soviet Union?

The accident became one of the catalysts for Union disintegration, which turned to be another reason for booking a Chernobyl tour. This unfortunate incident was the last straw in a camel bag of the population. Due to long concealment of the truth about the catastrophe and its aftermath, the minimum of information and security measures, the ruined communist idea was almost ruined.

In addition, Moscow’s attempts to hide the truth about the catastrophe and its aftermath have strengthened the opposition national-democratic movement in Ukraine. Thereby, many environmentalists, activists of the fight against environmental pollution, have also joined its participants.

Protests against the construction of a new plant and operation of the old ones swept through Ukrainian regions. Later, there were a number of demonstrations under protesting slogans – “We do not want dead zones”, “NPP – for a referendum”, “Everyone has a personal dosimeter”. Eventually, the empire, built on lies, fell. Chernobyl also finally undermined the economic foundations of the Soviet Union.

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