11 Excellent Remedies to Overcome the Inevitable Exam Hurdles!

Diwali just got over, Christmas is on the way. Sandwiched between these two major festivals we have something called exams, these may be Christmas exams at school, sessionals or Universities, whatever be it exams are an inevitable part of our lives. This is the period where people tend to get most stressed out. One of my friends describes exams as a cyclone which comes every once in a while and uproots or shakes up all the flora and fauna. Well the way an exam may be to you depends on the best disaster management programme you do. That includes the following

1.Visualize what you want!

They say this is really important, to truly understand what you need to achieve and visualize how your life changes once it’s achieved. It helps in many cases. Instead of just floating, recognize what you want and act accordingly.


2.Do not Freak out!

Yeah, I realize it’s easier said than done but then try not to freak out cause honestly freaking out hardly gets you anywhere. Moreover it becomes harmful for you. You’ll be compromising on your physical as well as mental health. And the paralysis that your mind undergoes is so overwhelming that you won’t be able to do any proper work.

3.Sleep Well

Here again our freaking out tends to get the best of us. We need proper sleep to be able to recall what we studied otherwise our mind may not release the info that we need from it.

4.Eat Nutritious Food

This is again important.The kind of diet we have plays a role on how well we do in exams, a starving mind cannot work properly. But that does not mean we gorge down whatever we get. Too much of food too will make us sleepy and less efficient so we need to strike a balance. Some people have the habit of not having food on the day of the exam. This is attributed to nervousness again. But as far as possible this should be avoided cause if you faint in the exam all that you studied will go to waste.

5.Plan Ahead

Finish as much as possible, have a well planned timetable. Stick to it as much as possible. Yes, nobody sticks exactly to their timetable. But then it’s better than groping in the dark without any idea of what to do. Planning ahead helps prevent the freaking out part to some degree. And hence is a good way to start.

6. Take Breaks

In between studies have breaks, do something relaxing and which elevates your mood. Listening to songs or watching television or reading a book or anything else which calms you down.

7.Talk to People!

During exams we tend to be a lot more worried or stressed out than normal, this you can remove by talking to someone close to you, which may be your best friend, your mom/dad, grandparents or any body. Talking about problems always tends to make them lighter than they seemed at first.

8. Believe in your Routine

Everybody has their own routine and times which they feel is comfortable for studying, make full use of this. Don’t let anyone tell you that this particular time is best for study cause making such changes in your system may have detrimental effects on you.

9. Don’t be intimidated by Gossip!

Associated with every exam, there are legends and gossips, either about the examiner being a cruel person (which doesn’t have to be true – remember most of them are parents too!) or that one of your classmates are on their 10th revision. First of all either of these things hardly make a difference to you. If you study well you will get good marks, period. So don’t let this bullshit affect you. And just because someone is faster than you doesn’t always make them better, everybody has their own pace ,stick to it (within certain limits) and do what you do properly else you’ll be wasting your time and will start feeling useless and depressed.

10.Give your Best!

They say that once a person does their best one can’t really question him/her. Every opportunity you get give your best. You’ll honestly have no regrets and you’ll be happy with yourself from your heart.

11.Be Kind to yourself!

Once you do all these and things are not going the way you wanted it to. Go easy on yourself. It’s easy to moan and go into depression but it takes a lot of guts to stand up from your fall and start running again. Honestly that is real courage…

Although it’s not easy to do all this, try doing it. Believe me, I know how crazy our mind goes during exams. But when you finally get control of it and get it to this you’ll feel better than you would have felt otherwise. And guys all the best. And remember this too will pass away….

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