Swim or Sink

I visited the swimming pool the other day. I saw many kids getting swim lessons and was following a 7 year old kids progress. He learned how to tread water. Then the instructor told him to dive in and start


The Emergency Fund

What is an Emergency Fund and what is it used for? It is used of course for an emergency. But what is an emergency, for example, the car breaks down with high costs to repair it, the stove or refrigerator


Not Just an Internship

By researching their chosen career field, students may find seasonal jobs, volunteer opportunities and professional internships that help round out their resumes. Simply put, a college education does not always set applicants apart in the competitive job market. It is


Top 10 80’s Flicks

The Breakfast Club – You can’t think about movies of the 1980’s without thinking of The Breakfast club.  This film touched the hearts of teens (and adults) everywhere.  It was a defining moment for the brat pack as well.  Starring