Short of cash and hungry? – Well the streets of Mangalore has all the answers!

It’s the month end and are you running out of cash? Can’t risk calling your parents for more money? Hungry yet you can’t order pizza. When you open up your wallet, you see only 20 bucks!

Here are some places where you can satisfy your tummy with just those 20 bucks! Don’t believe me? Keep reading…

1)ONION PAKODA: Eat onion pakoda at Lighthouse Hill top where there is a small tea shop. Here, you get one of the  best onion pakodas in Mangalore.

“No one can eat just once” is what they claim! Well guess what? With this 20 rupees you can have 2 plates of those delicious and crunchy onion pakodas.


It tastes best when it’s just taken out from the oil! In this rainy weather what more could you ask for?  It’s made usually at 4:15, so better hurry if you are planning to have some because its so famous that if you go afterwards like 5 pm you might just have to come back disappointed!

2)LOCAL JUNK FOOD:  If you are not a big fan of onion pakodas then take a walk through Car Street! Walk down the road in front of the School book company and on the left side you’ll see a small shop right ahead of ‘Popular Jewelries’. An easier way to spot the shop is to just see which shop is crowded the most. Walk right in because that’s where you get a variety of bonda, bhajji, pakoda, buns, samosa. One plate costs only 10 rs and you can eat to your heart’s content!

Next stop!

3)GOLGAPPA: The best golgappa we ever had till now in Mangalore is at “Mumbai chat” which is located  on the way to Attavar. No other golgappa guy stands a match for this one!  You can tell him what you want, the way you want it to be done and result –delicious golgappa! You can get extra salted, with onions, chillies, lemon or you can have it sweet , spicy, tangy etc.


If the rainy weather is not getting you in a mood to have golgappa, then you can have “sukka”…which the dry variant of golgappa. It was for Rs 10 but since the owner rented a new place the plate charges hiked by Rs 5 extra. Nevertheless, on the bright side you just saved Rs 5 for next month. Masala puri and different variety of chats are available here now!

4)Now for a refreshing MOCKTAIL: It’s called bonda surbath. It’s really popular in Mangalore but the small shop right next to Hotel Prestige International, makes the best one! You can take my word for it! To reach this shop just pass 3 shops ahead of City Centre and you’re there!

One Surbath is enough to make you feel totally energetic and it’s a fully natural mocktail- healthy and delicious. It’s just for Rs 15!

5) Ice cream: Well I love KFC swirls, which is just Rs 12!

Twenty rupees spend the right way! I’m yet to explore the rest of Mangalore and more interesting stuff will be revealed soon!


About the Author: This article is written by Sreenivas Kamath K , a 2nd year MBBS student at KMC, Mangalore.

Article edited by Annie Abraham.

Feel free to send us your articles at  [email protected] or [email protected].

Happy blogging guys! 🙂


  1. American Sandwich and Egg maggi at Jason.
    Bread Butter Jam at mangalore central station.
    Grape Juice at Saural.

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