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Manipal Nurse: 5 Amazing Allergy Facts

1. Hay fever sufferers should wash hair at night. Reason: They’ll remove any pollen and keep it from settling on pillows and bedding. Also: Avoid common irritants like tobacco smoke, automobile exhaust, hair spray and perfume… wash hands frequently… venture


Yet Another tragic Tale

Following are translated excerpts from the diary of the late Chetan Kumar (1st-year student), which was found nestled in a pile of torn books in his room. July 13th, 2011: I’ve finally reached Manipal. Amazing campus and a reputed college.

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Manipal Nurse: Walk for a healthy heart!

Exercising for a healthy heart is as simple as walking! Studies show for every hour you walk, life expectancy may increase by two hours. When bad weather makes outdoor activities difficult consider indoor activities. Try exercise videos or simply get

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Manipal Nurse: Snacking for Adults

Consuming calories every 3 hours keeps you going, controls your appetite, and fuels your brain. Research shows that eating small amounts of food throughout the day may result in weight loss. Choose healthy snacks with 200-300 calories that give a