Shack Point Frog Contest Open to Ambitious Manipalites

frog jumping manipal

News releases, advertising letters, and communications of all manner and shape pour into’s inbox, by the page full each week. Occasionally there is one which, because of its unusualness, is not archived in the spam bin, located in a dark end of our email account below a folder of hate mail and obsolete and desperate requests to sponsor our blog.

Early this week, inspired by our ground breaking post on the Seasonal Frogs of Manipal, such a mail arrived from Frogger’s Camp, Parkala, advertising the Shack Point Jumping Frog Jubilee.

“Anyone can be a frog jockey,” said the mail, which came complete with pictures of scantily dressed girls gingerly holding frogs by the hind legs and trying to smile at the same time. “Somewhere in the lecture halls of Manipal University,” the letter continued, “there lurks an amphibious specialist whose talents for frog jumping await tapping.”

This statement is very true. Any frog jumping talent existent at Manipal is as yot untapped. Furthermore, there is a conspicuous absence of talent tappers at present in the frog jumping field.

If, by chance, a Manipalite should enter a frog (Rana pipiens, Rana palustris, or any of the other amphibious Rana-series) and that entry should break the world record (16 feet, 10 inches) he would receive 1,000 frogskins. The letter cleverly explained that frogskins may be traded in for money at Rs.100/- per skin.

The “facts” in this article are all made up (but you already knew that, didn’t you?)

P.S.: ManipalBlog does not advocate killing of these highly endangered species for fun or otherwise.

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