Discovering Palm Mar

Discovering Palm Mar near Los Cristianos  involves more than a few surprises. As you  travel past Los Palos golf centre on your right and then turn right at the next big roundabout, it’s hard to believe there could be anything at the end of the long road in front of you.

But just as you are beginning to doubt your directions, the big white Palm Mar arch comes into view and you have arrived. This imposing entrance always reminds me of Marbella or Malaga and as you go through it, you get your first surprise.

Palm Mar may be somewhat of a manufactured area but it is very nice, with a main road lined with hundreds of palm trees and bushes. In fact, like me, you will probably remark straight away that “I think I could live here!” If that is the case, why not browse at properties for sale as you walk down the main road which is quiet, wide and with plenty of parking spaces either side.

The houses, villas and apartments here are modern and spacious and, as residents told me, it is a very quiet place to live. Tranquil is probably the right word as Palm Mar gives off an upmarket aura without being snobbish.

What Palm Mar also benefits from is an imposing setting. On your right, you have mountains and in front of you the Montañaa de Guaza which separates it from Los Cristianos. On your left, you will discover a vast area of open land which is a nature reserve known as Malpais de La Rasca. This is a lovely place to walk, to do a serious bit of hiking, mountain biking or horse trekking. It has been well looked after and is described as ‘medium difficulty’ although it is only slightly undulating.

Proper access roads have been constructed to it and there is lots of parking around it. Palm Mar is very proud of its environment so if you have a dog, make sure you clean up after it.

If you drive straight down the main road, you come to a small ro-undabout and if you take the right fork, you will come to a dead end and the sea front. There is no access this way to Los Cristianos – both the mountain and sea are in your way. Here, talking about dogs, you will even find dog litter bins.

The beach is pebbles rather than sand but a very nice promenade has been constructed to walk along, with lots of seats and a children’s play area. Again, it’s a smashing walk and worth a trip to Palm Mar for that alone.

However, Palm Mar has a lot more to offer. There are a number of businesses here and you will find a good selection of restaurants and pavement cafes. There aren’t enough to spoil Palm Mar or make it a tourist haven as it is virtually totally residential but it’s still a nice place to visit if you are looking for something different to do.

Walking along the sea front was hugely enjoyable at 4pm one afternoon as the sun was lower in the sky. You could smell the sea air and we watched as a few lone fishermen tried their luck on the sea shore.

The atmosphere of Palm Mar is very different to what you will find in Los Cristianos or Playa de las Américas. Why not open your world in Tenerife a bit further and plan an afternoon or evening out? You won’t be disappointed.

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