Manipal Bug vs Lalith Nag to become Indian Horror Film

Manipal Ka Keeda

THE studio which produced Nayi Haveli and Naya Mandir has purchased the character rights to Manipal Bug and Lalith Nag, it has emerged.

Legendary Indian Horror film creators AaRamsay productions are currently developing the feature film Manipal Ka Keeda: Lalith Nag ka Jung in which the controversial opponents are depicted as crazy, disfigured personalities fighting for dominion over some of Manipal’s very comfortable beds.

They will be portrayed by anonymous teenaged Indian men in rubber suits.

A studio spokesman said: “The story begins with a very gigantic Manipal Bug, King of the Monsters, safely ensconced in the MIT Hostels, behind a giant electrified fence.

“Huge and indestructible with serrated lobster pinsters each bigger than a village, Manipal bug is kept appeased by the natives of MIT Hostels with a diet of necrotic tissue and left-over pizzas.
“Then a gigantic asteroid from nearby Chennai crashes into Manipal, causing a defeaning shock wave of unhinged conspiracy theories and unexplained happenings that shakes the very core of Life at the MIT Hostels.

“Lalith Nag emerges from the asteroid with an MIT shaking roar, firing deadly rays from the  monster killing device attached to both his upper limbs.

“As Lalith rampages across the tiny little town, the bugs of Manipal are left with no choice but to release the only force destructive enough to stop him – the original Manipal Bug.”

He added: “I won’t spoil the ending but it involves a food fight at the Mess Hall and a possible guest appearance from Gag Krum Kum, the original chudail ki atma. Plans are also afoot to involve the massive weather control device produced by Shiva Balath recently.

“We believe this film will be a hit because it has all the ingredients of a classic Bhayanak movie or ‘Horror movie’ film but with the added bonus that the antagonists are weirdly sexy.

“Also currently on our slate is Shiva Balath ka badla abhi baaki hai, a project hinged entirely on the fact that the name sounds good.”


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