UFO appears in Manipal attacks student !

Believe it or not, mystery shrouded Shivalli village in Manipal , 60 kms North of Mangalore after a student fainted and was hospitalised following an encounter with an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO).
The mysterious incident occurred when the 21 year-old student Mohan Babu was taking video of the Manipal Lake near his rented apartment using his mobile phone on July 17 around 3.11 pm.
“Suddenly, I captured a flying object (UFO) in the sky”, the student said. “I fainted for a few seconds after a small round black object sped towards me.”

Showing the video image of the UFO captured in his mobile phone, Babu claimed he felt an electric shock when it came come towards him. He returned to his rented apartment after few moments of unconsciousness.
His colleagues took him to the nearby Sonia Clinic due to deterioration of his health and later referred to Kasturba hospital the following day. But he was discharged from the hospital the same evening after giving treatment as there was no symptom of any illness. However, Mohan said he has not fully recovered.
A similar mystery shrouded Eeshwar Nagar under Manipal Town limits in early part of last year when the villagers saw a bluish icy mass, weighing around five kilograms which fell on the tin-roofed kitchen of the Paratha Point of the locality with a sudden bang from the sky (It was however discovered that it was nothing but one of the utensils the cook had thrown in fury at the rising oil and food prices).
Lok Sabha MP Dr Jay Diving Sigh, who has an opinion on everything these days, reacting to the descriptions given by the onlookers, had opined that the mass might have been accidentally ejected from the support system of a rocket or a space craft.
However, close friends of Mohan, state that he was seen partying hard the night before at the Sigma restaurant near Manipal Lake.

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