Top Four Worth-Seeing Wonders for Tourists in Dubai


Dubai makes the favourite tourist spot not only in the Gulf but the whole of the world due to its breathtaking developments, theme parks, huge sporting venues, serene sandy beaches and last but not the least, its mammoth shopping malls. The focus of Dubai Government, to earn its revenue from tourism in addition to oil reserves, has helped it to emerge as one of the most top-notch tourist destinations in the world.

A closer look into Dubai property sector leads us to wonder if there ever will be an end to the epic construction in Dubai. This is because Dubai aims to attract more than 15 million tourists by the end of 2015, and to achieve this target, large scale construction work is being carried out. This aim also encourages it to construct the most stunning projects in the world like Hydropolis (the first luxury underwater hotel in the world) and rotating skyscraper.burj0902

Dubai is home to some of the world’s most impressive and startling real estate projects and one can never fully get to see them completely in just a few days. Since Dubai has a lot to offer to tourists, it takes much time to explore the innumerable tourist attractions here. If you are short on time and don’t want to miss out on the important tourist spots in Dubai, you must visit the following top real estate projects in the emirate.

Downtown Burj Khalifa – The awe-inspiring photographs with Burj Khalifa in the background give tourists a lifelong memory that they too once saw the world’s tallest structure. Burj Khalifa, which is also known as Burj Dubai, is the centrepiece of Downtown Dubai. The design of this tower has been inspired by a six petal desert flower. The third largest observation deck on its 124th floor, Dubai Fountain (illuminated by 6,600 lights) and the Burj Khalifa Park are the key attractions of Burj Khalifa.

Palm JumeirahPalm Jumeirah is one of the three Palm islands constructed in the shape of a date palm tree. Just like the palm tree, it features a trunk and a crown with 16 fronds. The development is safeguarded by a crescent island acting as a breakwater. The development features one of the most expensive villas in Dubai on its trunk and fronds which are home to the elites from around the world. Atlantis the Palm Hotel, One and Only Resort, Jumeirah Park and The Fairmont Palm Residences are the key attractions of Palm Jumeirah.

Burj Al Arab Hotel – Burj Al Arab is the only 7-star hotel and the fourth tallest hotel in the world. Located on an artificial island, connected by a curving bridge to the mainland, the hotel makes one of the most luxurious and expensive hotels in the world. The design of the structure has been inspired by the sail of a ship and it features two excellent restaurants for tourists i.e. Al Muntaha and Al Mahara. The tower has 60 floors with 202 extra luxurious suites offering a memorable accommodation experience to its guests.

Grand Jumeirah Mosque – Built in medieval Fatimid style, Jumeirah Mosque makes the most attractive and photographed spot for tourists in Dubai. The mosque is made of stones and plays a key role in promoting religious and cultural activities in the region. Unlike other mosques, the Jumeirah mosque also welcomes non-Muslim tourists from Mon-Thur and provides them with an opportunity to gain first hand experience of Islam. The beauty of the illuminated mosque at sunset cannot be described in words.

These four spectacular real estate developments make the top four wonders of Dubai so you better not forget to see them.

About the Author: This post has been written by Olivia Kane,she has wide knowledge of Dubai real estate, Dubai Properties and Dubai Rentals


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