Ghosts in Snack Shack!

Haunted TC
Photograph of one of the ghosts taken near the tiger circle
while we were running away! They seemed to be following us…

Octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane. Pharmacists deal with this. Each and every day of their lives. Being a pharmacist gives you access to various chemicals, not all of them being safe. But why am I telling you this? The reason being that certain singular events have been reported by a couple of cranky pharmacists of MCOPS manipal. That has made the general public believe that there is a lot of ‘Chemical locha’ going on in the minds of people in this college.

“It was a tiring day full of labs when I with my friend Tanmay decided to go and get some refreshments from Snack Shack” said Aersh Danish of third year B. Pharm student. Snack Shack is the best, cheapest and the nearest place for the students of the KMC campus. “Yes! We were famished!” said Tanmay, for the third time. Then both of them went to Snack Shack and occupied their favorite corner most table.

“That day Snack Shack was completely empty. There was just one Malaysian girl sitting right in the middle of the hall, facing us. That was very strange as that place is full of students at this time” said Aersh.

“Yes! After all where did all the famished students go!” said Tanmay. They ordered two potato lovers, one Malay Mystery and one DBC. “I just had a potato lovers” quickly added Aersh.

And then it started. The potato lovers that Aersh ordered won’t finish! He kept eating and eating till he was full but that did not finish. “That girl was looking at us the whole time, with a weird sad look on her face” told Aersh.

Then what? “The lights went out” said Tanmay, looking scared. “The lights went out for about two minutes and when they were back then there were people around us. It was looking like a normal Snack Shack again till we realized that every one of them had identical faces like that of the sad girl and all of them were looking towards us.” He said.

“We ran! We ran as we never had. Do hell with the bill of the food. Life was dearer to us at that time.” said a shaken Aersh.

“I couldn’t even finish my DBC because of them. Damn those ghosts!” said Tanmay, looking genuinely sad.

These incidents have raised certain issues that had never been discussed about in Manipal. Is Snack Shack really haunted? Is it still safe for students? Or are the carcinogenic chemicals really driving the MCOPS people out of their mind? It is for you to decide. If you have witnessed or experienced any such incidences in or around the campus do tell us. Till then goodbye, have to get something to eat, as I am famished.


  1. This is so different from your normal work!! Nice!


    And if you write like this, you will stop people from goin to snack shack!

    And U forgot that I ate beijing blues! Not potato lover! How could you imagine me eatin ONLY potato lovers!!! Arrrrrgghhh!!!

    We should have paid the bill man!

    And before people suspect all this actually happened… Let me tell them all that you never know… With all the funny chemicals we have access too…. *devilish laugh!*

  2. 😀 😀 thnx!Even if ppl stop going to snack shack, I won't!! Ya, d Beijing blues escaped me! 😛 neva mind we'l pay em later! I hope dat laugh is not due to N20! 😀

  3. Last night I was at snack shack with my friend Vikram. I was literally enjoying my life having beijing blues when someting caught my eye. There were two guys sitting in the corner staring at the food. It must have been poato lovers I guess. One was a tall, fact , jumbo kinda and the other had specks. They appeared as if they have never been so depressed in life. I decided to ignore after a while but then they just threw everything and ran as if they are being chased by some mega predator from pre historic time.They didn't even pay !. Vikram got up and paid their bill as the snack shack people took a sigh of relief .. I asked him "You knew them right ? who were they". He looked serious when he said "Future pharmacist"

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