Holiday safety tips: Don’t let a criminal ruin your Christmas!

♦ Men should carry their wallet in the front pocket of pants.
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♦ Women should hold their purses close to the body with the opening facing self; or when walking with another person, the purse should be between the two.

♦ Consolidate purchases into one or two large shopping bags for easy carrying.

♦ Stow purchases in the trunk, not in the front or back seat of car.

♦ Have your keys ready when you approach your vehicle and always check the back seat prior to opening the door.

♦ When shopping, always walk to your vehicle with another person or with a security guard.

♦ Park as close to entrances and exits as you can. Ensure that area is well lit and well populated.

♦ Inside the mall, avoid using bathrooms that are tucked away. Find a bathroom in or near food court. Avoid dark storage areas!

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