Managing Time

How to make optimum use of time by not filtering it away in idleness is a problem many people face. Talks with those who appeared to be skilled in time management, revealed answers which were both helpful and practical.

An agent for the mutual fund investments, promoted by financial units is a busy man. When asked how he managed to add to his workload by contributing regularly to a magazine, he said. I make time for writing articles after dinner at night, when I am relaxed and free from distraction. In the quiet and privacy, ideas flow.

A bank executive who is not unduly upset by the amount of work awaiting him at his desk every morning. His secret: I just begin working. It’s like the ‘kick start’ which starts a motorcycle moving. Settling do down to work at once gives me the impetus to keep going.

A housewife claims that she makes the maximum use of her time by noting down the number of chores to be done the next day, She tackles them on a priority basis – finishing the most urgent and hardest ones first. “This makes the minor tasks easier to perform,” she adds.

A student agreed that procrastination, is the thief of time. “One gets temporary relief by evading work. However, the exultation I feel by putting in a couple of hours’ study daily, is amazing, It gets rid of the tension and the excellent results after the exams are over, are rewarding,” he says.

Taking a break during the days labour increases output and the ability to perform a large amount of work. Winston Churchill, Britain’s wartime Premier, worked for more than 12 hours daily. He divided his workload by taking a mid day nap. This energised him to put in more than the a normal days duty.

Another way to make work agreeable is to promise oneself a treat, like a cup of tea with a snack, on completing a certain amount of work. A career woman believes that the tea or coffee break in offices is one such inducement to greater productivity.

A journa1ist said that setting a deadline to submit an article for a special occasion, and keeping it, makes her articles acceptable to editors.

Time is a valuable asset, and it’s about time that this truth is realised. The proper use of time in work and other aspects of life leads to achievement, productivity and mental well-being.

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