Cracking Interviews can be fun

This is probably the best season in Manipal and probably the worst. The breeze is cool and the weather is glorious. The whole world has a freshly washed look. The earth is covered in a carpet of deep emerald-green and

Space litter

Heights of Litter

Over the past several decades scraps of metal and other mechanical materials have piled up in our Earth’s orbital ring.  It was year 1965 when US astronaut Ed White lost a spare glove when he went outside his spaceship for


My frozen heart

I am alive My frozen heart says, To my withering conscience, To my burning soul; Wanting to get away From this stricken world, To a land of love and hope; Desperate it is My frozen heart, For the warmth it craves,


He’s The One . . .

Now, I was watching this an umpteenth time. But not matter what, each time it looks new to me and it generates the same interest and enthusiasm as it did the 1st time. I must say, it’s a good piece