If any one asks me today about badminton today i will certainly say that it is the game that leaves a taste of bad mint on(bad-mint-on) your tongue in the initial stages.Of course when you achieve a certain level in playing it, its really a refreshing game.

what happened today made me feel like that.There is only 1 badminton court( that too indoor) for our BQ and Sharda hostel.Or say for medical and dental faculties and students.I was on the court for 2.5 hrs but could play only 4 games including 1 singles which I lost by 15 to 0!!My opponent totally outplayed a new customer like me.Though he taught me few things also.But still after that match I lost courage and came back(that should not have happened-but it did).

So I returned to my room with a taste of bad mint on my tongue.That was amplified by mind-blowing gobi-masala in the mess!!So a bad evening overall.The theme is start badminton(if at all you are interested) with a player at the same level or a little bit higher but by no means higher than that!

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