Animal experiments

According to our pg education programme here in, we have to perform some animal experiments and for some of them we have to sacrifice the animals also.NO intention to revive the age-old controversies regarding fruitfulness of these experiments as an educational tool.
Though most of us-when we enter in the professional life-will be doing something else(At least we are planning to), I can sense its usefulness for those who are really interested in.My diplomatic idea is that all students should be tought this or shown demonstrations and only those who are really interested, should be provided with the opportunity to perform.
Although there are significant chances of bias in my openion as I dont like them at all, As i am poorly skilled in lab experimentations!But of course performing it gave me the idea and some level of confidence if at all I am posed to them in future life.As of everything else, this issue also carries pluses and minuses.There is nothing like absolute good or bad.Final openion is always individualised.
Dr Vishal will be bringing you some snaps of what we do in our lab, v soon.

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